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Which Halo Universe Song? 01

OP KRSTice23

Which song is your favorite? And why?

Poll Ends

Make Your Selection:

Playlist of poll songs. Music 1

Comment about why, and which level it makes you think of, and maybe even what favorite memory its associated with!

In a few days check back for the next group of songs!

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Impend is great!
Have to go impend
Impend for me
Halo 2 music all the way!
I love the music in the Halo games even some of the recent games which were not my favorite to play the music and remixes are still what get me to come back and play again. The next Poll is nicknamed the 'Run, Gun & Drum' playlist. Some of my favorites from Halo CE.

and yeah I have to agree Impend is one of my top picks, Although maybe later we can see if it holds up against some of the other best hits. =]

Music Poll 2
Have to go with Truth and Reconciliation Suite for me this is the most iconic Halo theme song which will always the first thing in my mind when i think of Halo.
Gun pointed... once the drum beat starts after 30 seconds, beautiful for the mission sections its in.