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Which is the ideal for the magnum?

OP TamerHades27424

Which fulfills the magnum role the best?

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I thought I was going to vote for H2 because it fires as fast as you tap the trigger, is only for dual weilding, has my favorite design and doesn't go into rifle territory, delievering exactly what a pistol should. However I'll give it to ODST since you can now dual weild it. I don't usually play H3's MP but I had to try that, and I thought instantly "this is just what the magnum is supposed to work like".
I think CE personally, I think it was a little overpowered but I think it served the role of a secondary perfectly, being powerful when you're out of your primary but also having your primary preferred. I hope Halo Infinite has a magnum in some form, I think with some rework it could be a really good addition.
The Halo 3 magnum in my opinion, well balanced and didn't hurt the sandbox plus dual wielding it in Auto Start slayer can be fun.
Halo CE's magnum forced you to use it until you found rockets or a sniper basically flipping off anyone using the Needler, Plasma rifle, Plasma Pistol, and the AR.
Halo 2's magnum is basically non existent since the BR is usually the starting weapons for the match which is one of the 5 weapons that are viable for matchmaking, leaving the nerf pistol in the rain.
Halo 4's magnum was made mostly obsolete due to being able to choose any regular precision weapon as a starting weapon, maybe if there was a game type that forced AR and magnum starts it would then be useful.
Halo 5's magnum is decently balanced but killed the need for the AR most of the time
Halo 3 seemed to strike a good balance. At the end of the day, the magnum is a sidearm, so it shouldn't be too overpowered. In CE, the magnum was the all-purpose weapon. When the BR came on the scene, it took that role away from the magnum and let the magnum be a sidearm. So in CE, the overpowered magnum made sense. Going forward with a more diversified sandbox, it doesn't make sense to have the magnum that CE needed.
HaLo 5s MaGnUm WaS tHe BeSt
Halo 4 is the ideal for future reference imo, though CE is my favorite.

Halo CE's is too op for the evolved sandbox. Great visal design.
Halo 2's is a visual downgrade, super weak, and no god damn scope... not ideal imo, but not my least favorite.
Halo 3's fires slowly AND takes little damage AND is inaccurate AND has no scope. Good visual design though, but it's not fun to use which leads to that I avoid using it at all.
Halo 3 ODST's is my third favorite and would be my 2nd for balancing ideal, not great visual design, and slightly inaccurate but it's really not too bad.
Halo Reach's would have been amazing imo if it wasn't for the extreme amount of bloom.

Halo 4's was fast, accurate, good amount of damage. As a sidearm is was obviously worse than the BR, but a skilled player still had a chance with it if, for example, your ammo was out. Or if you had emptied your clip if was great to quickly put in the final shot(s). The visual design as also sweetly classic.
The one bad thing that stops it from being a complete ideal was the sound, it sounds like a toy or something, if they would have used a more ce'ish sound it would have been as close to perect as my brain can handle.
If you are someone who havn't played much Halo 4, I highly recommend just starting up Dawn or something just to get a reminder of how this weapon feels. Or don't, I'm not your dad, IWHB though, ok no I'll stop.
Definitely ODST
Halo Reach for me.
If Reaches was just a bit stronger it would’ve been perfect. I voted CE but we all know how OP it is.
Halo 5’s Gunfighter and Tactical Magnums were my personal favorites, the Gunfighter was a really good pair with a sniper, and the Tactical’s sounds I thought were very good
DeIiverer wrote:
If Reaches was just a bit stronger it would’ve been perfect. I voted CE but we all know how OP it is.
So I guess they nailed it for you in CEA's MP?
I always thought the Reach magnum fulfilled its role well. The weapon isn’t terrible, but is only useful when you’re out of ammo in your DMR and/or need to swap weapons quickly.
Halo CE magnum should be in every halo coming out. Don't make it a standard weapon of course its to OP for that but it should be hidden kinda in story and possible for halo mulitiplayer gametypes.
The Reach magnum felt balanced.