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Which is your favourite main menu screen?

OP PainedBubbles72

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CE easily. The background, the music, the creepy map descriptions, the funny ones when you are editing gametypes or settings, how quick and responsive it was, how it had this big fat letters that contrast and don't waste any screen space (I have to stand up and get close to read in MCC and 5), how instead of a list, it lets you see every option (level, spartan color, gametype) displayed in full glory... Beyond how comfortable it is, I love how it has easter eggs where you like type something and it shows a quote or a joke. And how it also forced you to beat the campaign not just in the highest difficulty, but in all of them. And that loading screen... you can't argue against that. Also where did the idle trailers went to? Only 2 brought them back.
I personally loved Halo Reach's
Reach and Halo 3:

Everything was awesome in order and nice to read.

Halo 5 was a messy hellhole
Halo Reach, ODST, and Halo 3
I loved Halo 4's main menu. It was beautiful, the soundtrack brings back lots of memories. Same goes for Halo Reach's background art and upbeat music, I always felt ready for combat. Halo 3's menu was just serene, almost sad, but so glorious. Especially those loading screens. Seeing Africa in the background being glassed, you never forgot why you were fighting. I cannot wait to see Infinite's main menu.
Halo 3.
What happened to the Halo 5 menu?
Gonna have to go with Halo: MCC on this Poll. :)

Every Season, the Main Menu transforms with amazing visual quality.
It surprised me how much it's changed over the past year.
Best main menu visuals? Reach. Best main menu music? Probably CE.
I had chosen halo wars for nostalgia sake as it was the first halo game i had ever played.
Halo 3 e Halo CE me marcaram muito, mas eu voto em Halo 3
Halo 3 when I see and listen the menu music
my heart Explode!!!!
A tie between Halo Reach and Halo 3 for me.
Volize wrote:
A tie between Halo Reach and Halo 3 for me.
I'd have to agree
I literally used to put 3’s menu on and go to sleep. It’s still fantastic.
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