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Which Jackals Look Better?

OP MinusSquire2145

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Which Kig-Yar look better? (excluding Skirmishers)

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We're not judging the Jackals by their overall quality of graphics or extra details, but by their general looks. Imagine if each of these Jackals had the exact same shapes and colouring as they currently have but all within an updated engine. You'd then be able to fairly compare each version. Pay attention to both armour and physiology. We're judging the Jackals’ appearance based on style rather than graphics.

Halo: Combat Evolved Jackal
Halo: Combat Evolved Jackal (alternate type)*
Halo 2 Jackal
Halo 2 Jackal (pre-rendered)
Halo 3 Jackal
Halo Reach Jackal
Halo 4/5 Jackal
Just for fun - Halo Wars Concept Art

*Ordinarily the Jackal Minors have blue shields in Halo CE. The green shield is due to it being a PC Jackal. That's the only different though between the Xbox and PC Jackals in Halo 1.

Feel free to explain what you like about the version you chose.
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I voted for the Halo CE Jackals. It's likely just nostalgia, or maybe I prefer the gecko-y and toned look of them. I certainly love the massive orange eyes. I always appreciate variation between models as well, like how there are brown scaled Jackals and dark grey ones within the same game. It doesn't seem likely that only humans alone would evolve with physical differences between one another. (Halo 2 delves into this further with the Elites and Brutes, and the books do even more.) I also quite like the raptor-like appearance of Reach's model, which is slightly less bird-like than Halo 3's.
I like the Halo CE jackals.
Id say Halo 2 jackals.

The Halo: Combat Evolved jackals had bit too big teeth, the Halo 3 jackals went a bit too bird and they lost big part of their mohawk like pretty much same with Halo: Reach jackals.

Its just minor details so the Halo 2 model is not that much more over the other mentioned ones.
After that, the model has been pretty much completely ruined.
I didn't like the Halo 4/5 jackles at all. They just looked a little less intimidating. Now the Halo 2 ones, they looked freaky.
I personally like the Reach Jackals the best
Have to admit I like the new ones from 4 and 5 better, the original ones were a little extreme for my taste
CE jackals
Personally I really liked the look of Halo 2 Jackals.
Halo 2
The Jackals from Reach...
The jackals from Reach are personally my favourite!
I like the Halo 2 Jackals, even though the Jacksl snipers are terrifying they look really cool
Jackels in Reach were the most intimidating, they were well armored and more jacked than the other games lol.
reach or 3
Halo 2s jackals were amazig! Especially in the cutscene where there in those cages, even better in anniversary
New ones are my favs
OakleyW23 wrote:
Halo 2s jackals were amazig! Especially in the cutscene where there in those cages, even better in anniversary
Yes! They looked really scary, plus there sniper skills are terrifying! I always think of jackals looking like the ones from Halo 2. Definitely my favorite design.
I liked the halo reach jackals.
In my opinion the Halo 2-Reach Jackals looked the best. However I'd like to see all 3 versions in Halo infinite. Imagine this: Halo 2-Reach Jackals as snipers, CE Jackals as main infantry with plasma pistols and shields, and Halo 4-5 Jackals with carbines.
I don't really mind how the Jackals look. But if they change the Elite design marginally, then I think we all agree that we won't be happy.
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