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Which Jackals Look Better?

OP MinusSquire2145

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Halo 2
I like the halo 3 jackals because they look like what they are supposed to be, they are meant as a sniper class, agile but weak, i never liked their shields but i know it serves a purpose. they are scouts as well as snipers. they dont look like a messed up lizard or a moa, they look like theyd blend in while hiding in the trees or patrolling the brush
EchoLoco2 wrote:
In my opinion the Halo 2-Reach Jackals looked the best. However I'd like to see all 3 versions in Halo infinite. Imagine this: Halo 2-Reach Jackals as snipers, CE Jackals as main infantry with plasma pistols and shields, and Halo 4-5 Jackals with carbines.
that could actually be cool, imagine if it was like that for all enemies in infinite
Anything besides 4/5
Halo 3 and Reach Jackals were my favorite.
Well, I have a very confusing reply. The Halo 4/5 design is one of the few things I liked about the 343 redesigns, it adds a very feral and scary looking Kig-Yar that makes sense because the Ibie’Shan were developed on a volcanic continent, which means that they would have no point in evolving past that scary/feral look. Of course though my favorite design for Kig-Yar and not jackals are the skirmishes/T’vaoan. Anyway if you would like to see more in why the Kig-Yar look the way they do lookup Roanoke Gaming’s video on YouTube, and the answer to the question is for ”jackals” the Ibie’ Shan/Halo 4/5 design. For all Kig-Yar it has to be the T’vaoan/Skirmishers.
It's basically a question of, old or new Halo. I like the old Halo art style in just about every way. Halo Reach however, has the best graphics overall.
CE just cause they look more like dinosaurs
Growing up playing Reach's campaign first, its how I picture most of the Covernant
Fun fact, late in development the Halo 2 Jackals got a major facelift! I could honestly see why, Halo 1's jackals look rough... Granted, I'm a tad biased as Halo 2 was my first Halo title.

As for my favorite design? Halo 3, it looked like a more refined Halo 2 Jackal, with additional headgear for sniper jackals to make them a bit easier to spot from a distance - which made them feel a lot less cheap.
Going to say Reach Jackals here. They're just a consistently good all-round design; looking quick and agile yet still pretty intimidating. Probably going to get some gripe for this, but the CE Jackals are the worst looking ones for me. I understand graphical limitations of the time, but the shoulders look too bulky in comparison the head and chest, and the teeth are just cartoonish.
We're not judging the Jackals by their overall quality of graphics or extra details, but by their general looks. Imagine if each of these Jackals had the exact same shapes and colouring as they currently have but all within an updated engine. You'd then be able to fairly compare each version. Pay attention to both armour and physiology. We're judging the Jackals’ appearance based on style rather than graphics.

Examples:Halo: Combat Evolved Jackal
Halo: Combat Evolved Jackal (alternate type)*
Halo 2 Jackal
Halo 2 Jackal (pre-rendered)
Halo 3 Jackal
Halo Reach Jackal
Halo 4/5 Jackal
Just for fun - Halo Wars Concept Art

*Ordinarily the Jackal Minors have blue shields in Halo CE. The green shield is due to it being a PC Jackal. That's the only different though between the Xbox and PC Jackals in Halo 1.

Feel free to explain what you like about the version you chose.- -
I voted for the Halo CE Jackals. It's likely just nostalgia, or maybe I prefer the gecko-y and toned look of them. I certainly love the massive orange eyes. I always appreciate variation between models as well, like how there are brown scaled Jackals and dark grey ones within the same game. It doesn't seem likely that only humans alone would evolve with physical differences between one another. (Halo 2 delves into this further with the Elites and Brutes, and the books do even more.) I also quite like the raptor-like appearance of Reach's model, which is slightly less bird-like than Halo 3's.
I also prefer the CE ones. They felt a lot more foreign and varied.
That Halo reach Jackel looks amazing. Nice work on that one.
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