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Which one you like better?

OP Collins IV

Oh wow this is a tough choice... My gut reaction was "Dear humanity..." so I'm gonna trust my gut on this one.

Humanity is at the brink of extinction. Earth has been discovered and is being invaded by a nearly unstoppable force. The final orbital defenses are being shot out of the sky at an alarming rate and Africa is nearly beyond saving... but Johnson just looks at all these insurmountable odds and has the audacity to suggest that the Covenant "regret" coming to Earth lol. Truly epic.
All are excellent choices.
This was a tough one..
"Dear Humanity... we regret being alien -Yoinks!-. We regret coming to Earth. And we most definitely regret that the Corps just blew up our raggedy--Yoink- fleet!" The man was new age war poet....This was a hard one tho, because I love, "Oh I know what the ladies like."
I picked "I need a weapon".
Sgt. Johnson and Chief have single handedly made me cry from laughter at their well placed, often subtle lines. So it was a hard choice, but I know what the ladies like always gets a chuckle out of me every time I hear it.
Sgt. Johnson always was the most badass soldier, even taunting Brutes, that requires some guts
def dear humanity