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Which pistol is better?

OP Cobrasnake81

Just wondering which one people prefer: the new 5 shot kill halo 5 guardians pistol or the classic 13 shot kill halo 2 pistol
Gameplay wise, probably the 5 shot pistol. As Halo 2 was hard to take down shields with!
Halo 2's was nearly worthless, but Halo 5's actually works.
The 5 shot of course
The new one (Halo 5)
I prefer Halo 5’s pistol to Halo 2.
halo 2. I don't care how much better every other pistol was when actually fighting people, the halo 2 pistol just had a super satisfying sound both in classic and remastered, plus it shoots real fast and is fun to duel weild.
Gonna go with the 5 shot H5 pistol. It's a faster way to get a kill without that poor accuracy and constant reloading.
I personally liked the halo 4 pistol
Definitely going with the Reach pistol...none really compare to me.
I don't like overpowered pistols, it ruins the flow of the game when you already have marksman rifles supposed to be doing that job. Halo: Reach for me, it's not worthless but going into a fight with one isn't the easiest.
Halo 5. I never really liked the Halo 2 pistol tbh.
I think the Halo 5 standard Magnum is nearly perfect. It's extremely satisfying to get good with, and I love everything about it's performance except that I think it has far too much range (like everything in Halo 5). I also love it's clean black finish. If they copied the exact same Magnum for Halo 6 but just reduced it's range, I think it would be Purrrfect.
Id prefer the H2 pistol tbh. I liked the look of it.
Halo 5's, It is, as most others have stated, practical.
Halo 2 pistol was my favorite In my opinion
I like the feel of the halo 5 one
Halo 2 cause it's just fun