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Which UNSC weapon should be gone in Halo: Infinite

OP FotusKnight

I'm pretty much sure that everyone agrees with the fact that every classic UNSC Bungie weapon should be GUARANTEED in Halo: Infinite.
All these UNSC weapons should be in the game 100%:
  1. Assault Rifle
  2. Battle Rifle
  3. DMR
  4. Pistol
  5. SMG
  6. Shotgun
  7. Sniper Rifle
  8. Rocket Launcher
  9. Spartan Laser
  10. HMG
  11. Grenade Launcher
  12. Frag Grenade
But which UNSC weapon should be gone in Halo: Infinite if any? Or do you think all the weapons present in Halo 5 should be in the game? Comment below, let's start a civilzed discussion. I say we should get rid of all new weapons that first appeared in Halo 4. So what do you think?
Halo 5 got the balancing of the various base weapon types as good as we've seen in any game so far, so I don't think any of the base weapon types need to go. That said, I don't think we need all of the higher tier versions of every weapon and vehicle that we got in multiplayer.
There was one level in H5 where I came across "The Answer" ... absolutely loved that weapon and felt it should have been more readily available. Would have been awesome to have in the final firefight of the campaign
The Hydra - I don't enjoy using it, and I don't enjoy being killed by it. It's essentially a worse version of the Plasma Launcher from Reach, which wasn't the best added weapon to begin with. It's like they made the Plasma Launcher more fun by joining it with the Concussion Rifle to form the Plasma Caster, but then used the left-overs combined with a grenade launcher to create a really not fun weapon.
not a big sicky detonator fan. the rest I'm fine with except for the default rail gun. just add an extra shot to each rail gun clip and I'm good. basically just make it a nerfed whiplash.
Get rid of hydra and just give rocket launcher lock on capability.
i chose saw only because of the variant, the answer is a cheap weapon, it has explosive rounds, you can move quickly with it, you can aim down sight to have even further range, it gives no reaction time, if your on foot, better hope they dont find you, if they do then your screwed. the answer is too easy to use while being too op in my mind. i like the saw, the feel of it says futuristic weapon that could fit into halo, the saw though is too powerful to be a fair weapon.
Hydra launchers have been pretty useless, why not get rid of them
I'm not a fan of the hydra launcher, there's already the rocket launcher, sticky detonator, and grenade launcher for explosive weapons.
Definitely the Hydra... it’s incredibly annoying when you get cross-mapped by one.