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Who is your favorite enemy to fight

OP Unleashed2121

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Definitely the Elites.
Elites are always fun to fight. Hunters are a thrilling challenge.
I enjoy fighting Elites and Brutes, they're tied in my opinion.
Hunters are fun in the moment, but they're fairly rare. Brutes/Elites are a common challenge and the AI of them both can prove to be a difficult fight on higher difficulties, which is why they are my favorite to fight.
is alt 2 supposed to be drones, 3 elites and 4 flood?
The flood became so rare I vote for them
elites there close to a real threat
I'm guessing drone elites are normal elites?
I like grunts and jackals because you can one-shot them with headshots with certain guns.
A bit confused by the options, so I'm just gonna say that I like fighting the Elites.
Sorry for the confusions when I put the enemies in alphatical order I put two on one line by mistake
The Elites are my favorite .
I like more to fight against Prometheans
All the Covenant easy forces. They are dead with headshots.
Symbilyst wrote:
I like more to fight against Prometheans
I think standard UNSC weapons don't do damage that fast to kill Prometheans.
I love committing mass grunt-slaughter
Hunters. Just a stab in the back!
Grunts, I love popping their heads with percision weapons
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los hunter son mis favoritos ya que si se juega en legendario será mas difícil
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