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Who would win in a fight?

OP ObscureInsanity

Johnson is dead! What do I do?!

Unless you use a glitch.
Me not ypu not them
I do not understand.
I do not understand.
Basically it would be Johnson after the monitor of installation 04 shot him (so when he's dying) or Halsey after her arm amputation, in a 1v1 situation this a thing....
Johnson, he may be pretty beat up but when his adrenaline kicks in he gonna slap the -yoink- out of Halsey.
Seriously? An army leader v.s. a one-armed person? Obviously Johnson. this a thing....
Because I'm a -Yoinking!- weirdo :D
This is weird. Why is this even a thing? Do they get any weapons? Johnson was already badly wounded by Guilty Spark's laser. Halsey could just kick him in the face. He couldn't even stand up.
Johnson was so injured I'm pretty sure one kick in the face by Halsey would pretty much kill him unless Halsey is weak as s**t.
Johnson, lol.