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Whose Line Is It Anyway? Round #51

OP Adog5836

PREVIOUS ANSWER:::"...was a colossal failure."
Used to love this character, but now they are just so disappointing.

EDIT: okay now I'm not so sure about my choice. It's just one word, so there's another character on this list I think it could be...
It could be a character that has changed quite a bit through the series, the quote being from the first game they appeared in.

Otherwise it could be battlefield dialogue from a character that I have encountered far too many times.

Depends quite a bit whether the word is the full quote or a part of a quote.

"A small section, yes."
I think there is more than one answer to this. One from a campaign and one in firefight.
The quote is said by:
I know it....if I'm wrong, which Im not, I will have my spartan flung off a pelican into 20-No 100 hunters!