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Why Do YOU Play Warzone?

OP John Graham Doe

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What about both. I really have a fun time playing this game type, while trying to get a good number of req points.
In that case you play because it is fun. The REQ points are just an added bonus. The second option is for people who play Warzone but don't enjoy it; they play it just to get REQ points.
ZEROF0RCE wrote:
I feel the changes to the hunters was to counter-act some of the faster twitch and sprint movements in H5 as a whole not so much just Warzone.
I guess... I still don't like it. If the Spartans are better now, then let them be better.

I understand what you are saying, but my sentiments still stand; I don't feel that it is justified to modify long-established traits of enemies that have been around for 15 years just to accommodate new game-play ideas, but to each their own opinions I suppose.
You sound like a crazy person.
thats all games though to keep player challenged through the years n get better not stagnaet like Arcade Gamers lol
I understand updating enemies to keep them from being stagnant, but that is not what they did. In Halo 2 they updated the Hunters to be able to do the melee strike directly behind themselves so that it wouldn't be as easy to get behind them and melee them to death. That was an understandable game-play change and it was definitely an improvement. What 343i did for this game was change how the enemy type acts all together; they used to be slow moving, but now if you get in melee range they insta-kill you with lightning speed. When AI enemies insta-kill you with no warning or way to avoid it you get what is called "Artificial Difficulty," and that is not an improvement.
Its a fun mode with lots of diffenrent way to win but the team that get the advantage early on with power weapons and vehicules usually gets to decide the way the match will go and its mostly a pain to wait for your defeat when your team can't do anything.
i enjoy being part of a larger battle, sticking with my buds and love getting my frodo T Bagginz on.
i actually think its really fun! its like destiny and titanfall had an affair and halo 5 adopted the child and we have war zone =] i personally love it and i don't mind the req point system cuz it gives me something to do, never in a million years am i gunna pay for a pack when i can just earn them so it honestly just adds longevity to the game for me. i realize the serious concern of gamers like its gonna slowly get worse but hey maybe it won't. i trust 343 in most if not all of their decisions so far. besides the horrific launch of MCC i have no gripe with 343. they're very passionate and aren't perfect but overall i trust them with halo until they completely take a dookie on halo. as long as it doesn't get worse with the micro transactions i actually welcome the req packs BUT IT BETTER NOT BE A GATEWAY DRUG TO MORE MICROS! keep the req system but don't add anything else. and don't let it spill into anything other than war zone. so why do i play war zone? i play it for the strategy and really clutch plays. i also think despite the req system a player can really shine in war zone. if you have an amazing sniper on your team you can effectively SHUT DOWN areas like one full side of the spire or a whole side of the fortress on the snow level. if you've got a really good dmr marksman you can get those clutch head shots while defending your armories and keeping your team in the game just long enough to have your teammates spawn for the assist. you can have a whole team after one guy with 5-6 people all simultaneously saying "we gotta get that sniper." i love halo for those clutch adrenaline pumping moments in gameplay and war zone delivers it for me. i know I'm going off topic a bit but i have adhd and posts are often verbal throw up when a thought hits my mind. i also like how newbies have a chance to still have a good time. instead of being one of the offensive guys charging in for the kills and points from the AI bosses, they can sit back and defend an armory or the spire etc., or assist their teammates from a safer vantage point with their br's and dmr's every player serves a purpose in war zone, which i really appreciate because i can comfortably play with my not so competent friends and still have a decent time. ok rant over but yea i like war zone.
Divers mode de jeux 🎮
Hi -

Unfortunately I have to ask that you repost in English as we are not equipped to handle other languages at this time.

Apologies for the inconvenience.
I just mindlessly play it its fun
I really enjoy how each game plays out so differently than the last. The use of various reqs adds a whole new way to play halo. Being able to use several tanks to assault a base under control by the enemy. You can play either strategically with a full team, utilising multiple weapons and vehicles or play by yourself and just follow suit. I know alot of people dont like warzone because of the req system but I personally feel as though warzone is the next evolution of halo multiplayer.
My simplest response is that everything you've said may be well and good, but the way things are going, I might never get to fly a single banshee in that game mode for as long as I keep playing. I'll certainly never get to fly a Phaeton or drive a wraith (let alone any of the special P2W versions) and the word is out as to whether or not I'll ever get to fire a DMR. Maybe you see where I'm going with this.
I usually play it if me and my friends have more than four people in a fireteam WHERE IS BIG TEAM BATTLE!!!
I like it cause it's a mix of PvP and PvE.
Because it is the only social playlist available right now for more than four people. Big team battle will be greatly appreciated upon its arrival.
Warzone is great, but has flaws. I once spawned right as an enemy scorpion rolled over, so I was inside of it. And an enemy once spawned right behind me and killed me before I even knew he was there!
Because it's the least terrible game mode available.
I'm into a BTB kind of game or with large amounts of people and Warzone is like that
Love war zone just need a better team! Lol
Third option: I'm bored, swatnums seems to be the only thing in the playlist, and I might as well use my some 50 ghosts and 100 mongooses for something.
All your life asking for epic battles and now this...
I like playing it. It reminds me of btb just gate work for weapons and vehicles.
I don't even know anymore. I lose almost every match now because my team is starkly stupid and the enemy team seems to be comprised of top tier MLG pros.

I'm really not having fun with this gametype anymore.
I feel the same way. Every team I get sucks butt
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