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[Locked] Worst Spartan

OP EchoLoco2

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I like Vale, but Lockex Tanaka and Palmer aren't great.
Everybody forgot about thorne dude was just boring
Maddock82 wrote:
EchoLoco2 wrote:
Maddock82 wrote:
Church, but only skill-wise. he's a pretty good character.
We're talking about cannon Spartans in the Halo universe not RvB.
you never said canon spartans, you said spartans in the halo universe. and RvB is somewhat in the halo universe, just not canon.
Dude don't get me wrong I love Church (he's my favorite RVB character) but I just wanted this discussion to be used to express out feelings on a topic in the current Halo universe.
Sarah Palmer is by far the worst, I know this sounds a little grim or "edgy" but somebody has to kill her off already.
Everyone except Chief, Buck and MAYBE Locke and Palmer. But mostly Chief and Buck....
Tanaka. She might as well not even be there.
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Every Spartan IV except Buck.
Locke because I don’t like him as a protagonist
Mickey because he betrayed his friends and became an innie cuck.
Well that doesn’t make him a bad character it’s just part of his “arch”. Characters are often thrown through turmoil in stories and sometimes characters snap to show the severity of a situation. Mickey is an evil character yes, but he isn’t a BAD character as in poorly executed or not good. Plus he was kind of frail to begin with in ODST.
I think Buck because he chose to be a spartan and was not bred for it like the spartan II's and III's
I'll go with Locke, don' t know why... I Just dislike him...
I dont like Tanaka and Locke but that does not mean i dont like buck and Vale
EchoLoco2 wrote:
What spartan do you think is the worst in the (canon) Halo Universe? Let me know your thoughts and opinions!
Vale or Tanaka
Palmer... Could be.
Noble 6, they have no character beyond “they made whole militias disappear” and that they are a lone wolf. They were designed to be an empty shell, and that is all they will ever be. At least Palmer and the SIV’s have some semblance of personality, and 343i can make them likeable if they bother to spend the time on further characterizing them.
Lot of new lore hate in here, I personally really like the new lore and canon, even Palmer. My opinion of Who I think is the worst Spartan is that one Spartan 4 in the comics that is a double agent. I remember one Spartan selling out or something, that's probably as useless as one can be in the military.

If we're talking about character writing I vote Tanaka.
either Palmer or Emile

Palmer: ineffective leader, gives spartan-IVs a bad rep (as the figure head of the IVs, she does a horrible job of representing what the S-IVs are actually like. instead she gets pointed at as a complaint about the latest generation of spartan, despite the fact that she is only 1 out of 500 and does not reflect the rest of the S-IV personnel)

Emile: his personality is edgy because edginess. edgy characters like this are the worst (doesn't matter what story or franchise).
Sarah Palmer, because...

1) Her disdain for Halsey is moralistic and entirely emotionally grounded.

2) She lets her gun do the talking and fails to think critically in almost every situation she is in, especially when Halsey is involved.

3) She almost got herself and her team killed in a warthog suicide jump and somehow wasn't demoted for it.

4) Her dislike for the Spartans is both extremely ironic and hypocritical.

5) She never earns her rank as Commander of the Spartan-IVs.

6) She's given dull, uninspired dialogue in every game and comic she is in.

7) She has no reason to exist other than the fact that she's a female character and she pales in comparison to the likes of Cortana, Kelly, Linda, Lucy, or Halsey. She doesn't push the story along in any significant way and when she does, it only hurts the story and creates more problems than it solves.

Tanaka is a close second as she doesn't have a personality or a reason to exist other than to fill the 4th position on Fireteam Osirus (needed for the 4-player cooperative campaign experience, which ultimately sucked), and Locke is a close third because (similar to Palmer) he lets his gun do the talking and refuses to think critically.
This! 100%
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