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Would you be fine if Arbiter Died?

OP tonic bom

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MorseyBaby wrote:
tonic bom wrote:
This new arbiter that we saw in Halo 5 is just a nothing character so if he dies NOW I wouldn’t care, but in the original trilogy I would’ve cared
I get your point but at the same time it's still the Arbiter so if they kill him off then that leaves no room for improvement on the H5 Arbiter. A character can be rewriten better but if you take that chance away then that's it, it stays crap! Plus i didnt mind the H5 Arbiter that much yes he wasnt as good as H2 or H3 but he was good enough :).
The main issue with H5 Arbiter was he barely had any screen time really. I like what they did with the character in the Kilo-Five trilogy showing him as more of a statesman than just a military leader (think George Washington).
Yh really good point I also thoigh he didn't have much screen play which was a pitty due to the fact that I really like the Arbiter as a character in H3 and H2 so was looking forward to seeing him in H5 until that
It would all depend on how and why he died.
Depends how well it's done, but if it happens it should happen during the climax of the final game of this current saga.
Couldn't have said it better.
Arbiter is a key character.
Well I don't want to see him die but it wouldn't be the end of all things. Every story has to end somehow that includes the Arbiter and most of all the Chief.

Thing is though 343i has a nasty habit of committing character necromancy we already have that with it-who-shall-never-be-named-but-is-their-namesake coming back in one of the lesser books, there is even talks of resurrecting Jorge, and even Sergeant Johnson (which would be worse than the entire story of Halo 5). So if they are going to kill him or anyone off they need to let them lie dead and not try to bring them back because the newer characters don't have that connection that the original ones did.
I don't like the idea of Arby dieing. I would get over it, but it would be shocking none-the-less. I don't think Halo Infinite is the right game to kill of Arbitor becasue in Halo 5 I guess he and his clan just got to enjoy freedom from the remnants of the Covenant. In my mind that would be like killing of Teal'c or Bra'tac in Stargate SG1 right after finishing off the Gau'ld. Either that or retireing from a long career and dieing the next day.
No he ever since his first appearance in Halo 2 i could not imagine him just being cut out of the series like that.
He became a main character and even if he doesn't play a big role he should still be present in the upcoming Halo titles.
In a storytelling sense, the eventual death of the Arbiter would be an interesting concept and could be used to draw emotion.

But would I be fine?
Regice554 wrote:
I'm just gonna pop in here and say no, I wouldn't be okay with it. I think his death would be too soon in the halo franchise.
The voice of reason. Thank you. Would I be fine if Arby died? is like asking if I'd be fine if they took my plasma grenades away. There would still be various killing methods available but none as iconic as the sticky on the side of your enemy Spartan's helmet or butt. So no, I would be far from fine, whether it's too soon in the franchise or not.
<p>It is a Big Deal if it where killed, but it would be unnecessary like the death of Jul 'Mdama</p>
Kurt 051 wrote:
tonic bom wrote:
Would you be fine if Arbiter died in a knewer Halo game or even Halo Infinite (If he is in it). I personally really don't know how I would feel. Feel free to discuss down below and share your opinion on the topic above!
The Arbiters death would be a sore spot, though it would be an acceptable one. I would rather see a dino die than one of the Blue Team Spartans any day.
The opposite of what he said ^
I'd rather a Spartan die than a dino >_>
That would suck so much.
I don't feel a strong connection with him so I would be fine if he died.
If he does die, it has to be a noble death, not some cheesey what the hell kinda death
Depends the way he dies.
I get why people don't want him to die because hes a good character and it will upset fans and create a sad scene and I get that, even im still sad about johnsons death but Johnson is still a memorable character so if arbiter dies, hope he is still memorable as well.
The Arbiter is just as important as the Master Chief in my opinion. They are the faces of their factions and if Arbiter died I would be very sad because I really like him.
Only if he died honorably
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