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Would you rather have oddball or griffball back?

OP Sgt Clog Her

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Oddball or Grifball?

Poll Ended

I just want to see more gametypes included.
Oddball definitely that was such an awesome gametype!
I want griffball back!
Grifball for sure
Grifball was the less annoying of the two but defiantly the most fun
I would rather have oddball.
I just want to see more gametypes included.
This is mostly what everyone wants. But since we are still a couple of weeks in and DLC are free, we might see them pop up once in a while.
Always Griffball, Suck it reds!
Grifball the best game since itself.
Weirdest Poll... 'Oddball or Grifball' only choices are 'Yes' and 'No'.

I would prefer to see Grifball, Halo 5 could do with some random/stupid gametypes that are just a blast to play.
Your poll options make little sense, anyways having both is better.
Grifball was so fun who didn't feeling like you were playing American Football with huge hammers and swords :D
Love 'em both
why is the poll yes or no ?
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