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Would You Rather?

OP baconsam5283

Would you rather:

Play only Halo 5: Guardians campaign for the rest of your life


Play only one Halo campaign level for the rest of your life?
The only forever repeatable Halo mission. The ending is all I ever need.
Halo 5s campaign is fun, it's the story that got me. So I would choose Halo 5 campaign.
One level. My reasoning for this is that while it’d get repetitive, imagine that over time you could get better and better at the level and eventually be able to speedrun it with the best of them.
huh, even split as of my vote.
It seems to me this is one of those "everyone thinks Halo 5 sucks, right?? XXDDD" threads, ill still answer your question though, i pick one campaign mission for the rest of my life. I don't dislike Halo 5's campaign (not that it's perfect), but i'd rather play my favorite level, that way i will be able to master it and beat it easily after awhile.
Tough choice but I went with play halo 5. Main reason is I get bored easily so more levels to play would be better for me.
eLantern wrote:
The only forever repeatable Halo mission. The ending is all I ever need.
My man! But I'd have to go with either Lone Wolf or The Covenant from Halo 3
I’d pick Delta Halo, the only level I love playing, even thought I loved every Halo 2 mission, this one of my preferred
Halo 5's campaign wasn't that bad tbh. It just needed a bit more master chief rather than Locke.
Just clicked the level option in an instant. This is just one of those quality over quantity things. I would just rather play a short fraction of a masterpiece than a pile of feces story that even ends in a cliffhanger. So in this case picking H5g would be just lose/lose situation.

"Woooah! It's like a post card: 'Dear Sarge: Kicking (donkey) in outer space, wish you were here!"
I chose Halo 5 campaign because at least you have more of a selection (Not a GOOD selection but hey, you get more).
In halo 3 the mission the ark is all I need
it'll either be outskirts or delta halo.
Only 1 campaign level, as long as we can meddle around with skulls and difficulties. Assault on the Control Room or Pillar of Autumn (from Reach not CE) seems like it'd be more fun to master than replaying Halo 5 and listening to Cortana and the Warden go "blah blah the domain blah blah" for half the whole campaign.
Halo 5 because then i could speedrun the entire campaign
I'd play Two Betrayals. It's one of the best levels in Halo imo. It has pretty much all the enemy types, both flying and land combat, as well as indoor and outdoor encounters. I'm just not willing to play H5 campaign for the rest of my life.
I rather play one halo level. The level I would play on would be lone wolf from halo reach or new Alexandria from halo reach.