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Would you rather.....

OP SpectralXIV

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I would much rather fight the flood. Dead space actually legitimately creeps me out.
Well I don't know much about Deadspace yet so I'll take the Flood any day, but trust me, Deadspace is on my to-play list.
Isn't part of the deal with Necromorphs that you might think you're fighting one, but sometimes it will be your own hand coming at your head with a knife or gun?

At least with the Flood, you know your own body isn't going to attack you.

So I'd say your chance for the survival of your sanity and body are sleightly better against the Flood, though the outcome if you fail is far worse, since if the necromorphs kill you, you're just dead, while if the Flood infect you, you're undead and psychologically tortured for the rest of time.
The Flood can become highly intelligent if it builds enough bio-mass. Also just inhaling a single flood spore is the end of you. For those two reasons alone I'll fight the simple minded Necromorphs.
I'd have to go with the flood outbreak. As someone who has played all of both the Halo and Dead Space franchises, the Necromorphs are WAY harder to kill than the flood.
I would clean my pants and then burn the Flood!
Both would make me sh*t myself.
Flood, just bring the CE shotgun and you're all set.
uuuuuuuh. neither. they both are very bad. unless im in a spartan suit then i chose flood
The flood is easier to kill, so if you're looking for a challenge I would say necromorphs.
I would chose necromorph because flood are smarter. This is if I could even fight them lol
So after a 30 minute google session it has been revealed to me that nercomorphs also create central intelligence but unlike the flood they create forms based on combat not countuined infection which means no infection forms which are buy far the most dangerous so flood wins this round.
i would probably piss my pants if i ever saw either of those
Literally the most reasonable answer here, I'd just cower in a corner and eat my last snickers bar before I die
flood outbreak for me
I would say Flood, no way would I want to fight a necromorph 😱😱
Oh, DeadSpace is very scary, I love that game, specially DeadSpace 2. The Flood are scary but not that much.
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