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You guys think Halo 6 will be good?

OP True Alibi

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I personally have high hopes for Halo 6, but what about you? if you think it will be good, leave your reason why. if you think it will be bad, also leave a reason, or if your feelin' spicy, maybe leave some recommendations for how it could be better. I am really interested in the Halo communities take on this topic.
I do think Halo 6 will be a great fame. 343 is actually pretty good at learning from their own mistakes. And they have been making a lot of positive changes in their staff. All things considered I think Halo 6 will be much better.
I think it will flop, mainly because 343i think they corrected errors they themselves made with Halo 4, that they have solved the problem fullstop, and anyone who believes the notion that they learn from their own mistakes is sadly misguided, I believed they had until I played Halo 5, my worst gaming experience ever, and since then, I have realised there are some individuals who cant seem to swallow their pride, they wont accept that Bungie Halo had a larger appeal than their Halo's and understandably theyre worried of being in Bungies shadow. Their remedy to this was to create a new Halo, with a new tone, characters, artsyle, Music and gameplay to complement the new trilogy. The problem is I fear we will never know if Bungie's Halo still has appeal, becuase its height at Halo 3, which at the time was only comparable to CoD:Modern Warfare and its sequel, has never since been repeated.

Back to my point, with every Halo, 343i moves Halo further and further away from its roots, contradicts the old trilogy where ever it can, and with every change made, more leave. There is a reason Halo 5 has no population counters. 343i followed a market trend of advanced mobility that is highly disliked by most gaming communities. Besides I think everyone should understand Halo's glory days are over, Halo like CoD is part of a dying breed of old dogs. Thus I predict the game to sell 1 million copies and be in the top 5 most popular xbox games for 3 months before dropping to about 16 after 9 months.

Its my opinion that Halo needs to follow the classic formula for the campaign at the very least, fix this Cortana rubbish, not by repent but John showing her he is human and she is machine and blowing her up? I might add it may be a good idea to add the bomb skull from Halo Wars two and also maybe an advanced mobility skull,the assasin skull and a Regret skull(Halo 2 difficulty).

If Halo 6 is to be a success, it needs to understand, not everyone has an xbox live subscription, and campaign should have 12 missions. 10 playable and two are plain cutscenes. The Silent Cartographer formula should be improved, so imagine in Halo 5. You get on the meridian orbital platform, and you go all the way down to the planet. And then, you had to search an area large enough for somewhere to feel like an area of a planet for the Blueteam and you can a) massacre everything, but then they will kill you b) get the mission over with and c) be a spartan and help these wretches of humans fight the robots. This mission would ideally be at least worth 10 hours of combined gameplay, but the game should on heroic difficulty help the player completer the game first time round, by subtly dropping hints, not telling, but subtly showing. I would also suggest one mission in space, a normal length mission aswell. I would suggest making campaign 3-player co-op at the players fps' own peril. 4 player multiplayer. Theater for campaign and multiplayer. Forge improved on since Halo 5 and if we could puse AI aswell, you wouldnt need to insert a firefight mode.An Achievement based unlock system, or a credit system. Finally online multiplayer,

Warzone. Reduce the amount of weapons variants and weapon skins so that each one becomes more valuable and when I get the good stuff its feels more earned than chanced upon. Get rid of massive Req pack deals and have the most expensive one at €21.00. Therefore making 343i appear more Reasonable and understanding than most devs. Micro-transactions should be limited to warzone only.Except from weapon skins, Because noone care about youre pizza SPNKR.

Social Have a forum an Halo Waypoint where people vote their faverioute playlists and map and every month a map and a game mode are added to the social main menu.

Ranked. The 1-50 ranking system from Halo 3 does seem to be quite effective and is a lot more accurate than the current system.

The Main Menu should have something interesting and relevant to the story.
The Music, can it be a bit more diverse this time 'round?
Artstyle,Halo Wars 2

If youre still reading this flood infection of a post, congratulations!This is what I think Halo 6 should be to succeed for longer and brighter next time round.
343i is going to publish it, and people are going to love it, regardless of what kind of game it actually is. However, judging by the direction that Halo seems to be heading, it’s becoming more and more clear that I, and many other Halo fans will not be one of those people that love it. I do have high hopes, and I most likely will still preorder and play Halo 6 (especially if there’s a statue involved, they’re my weakness,) but I’m not expecting this game to be good by my personal standards.

We’ll see though. I’d love for them to knock it outta the park with a great game, even if it’s with one I won’t particularly enjoy.
This is a test to see if they truly learned from there mistakes if they succeed they could make halo great again if they listen to our feedback and add or remove things I also have high hopes and hope this is a good game as I been a halo fan like most of you for a very long Time I kind of hope they delay this game so they can test things out so we don’t have too much unbalanced metas.this game has so much potential and I want 343 to take advantage of it
halo 5 was good but it doesn’t keep me coming back everyday to play it as it can get a bit stale
after the events of halo wars 2 I have a good feeling about halo 6 but I'm still slightly skeptical because halo 5 has proven that 343 is fine completely throwing something out the window like cortanas death.
It'll be Legendary!!!!
I say Legendary, I have High Expectations (I'm sure the community does too) For the Chiefs Last Fight, 343 Knew what they were signing up for when they took on this game. I think they can do it. Halo 5 was rushed and that's the only reason it was bad. I give 343 Until 2019 for a Trailer to release because I want Halo 6 to be perfect. Split Screen, Competitive Gameplay, Cool Armour Designs and Camos, Amazing Mission and Flyable Broadswords and Pelicans.

I give 343 Good luck on Making Halo 6.
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Creo que si lo sera ya que después de todo sea muy bueno o no, me gusta mucho la historia que hasta ahora lleva y lo que sera de esta... Al igual que otros opino que sera legendaria!!!
I said great I don’t see how halo 6 can be revolutionary as halo ce ,2 and 3 u want it to be good but don’t overhype the game as that will make it seem worst if you let it blind you I won’t mind if they delay this game cuz u just want a good halo game not the mess that was halo 4 and halo 5 in its release with barely any content we want everything that makes a halo game there with some aspects expanded upon like halo 5 forge was the best forge in the franchise and we all want a true fire fight like reach with fair but balanced enemy’s and weapons also I would like to see some weapons like the halo 2 br to return as there is something magical about it the sound the look it feels so good to use in the in halo 5 and I hope they keep it like that in halo 6 maybe in this game we 343 should keep sprint and remove stuff like the thruster pack from halo 5 and keep it simple which isn’t a bad thing as I think that’s where halo 5 went wrong as not everyone in the community liked it as it was a bit complicated
I say average because I see it as the closest thing to neutral. I feel like halo 6 should be that ultimate halo game but then again, I have so much evidence to prove that 343 still haven't learned. So i don't know.

And before you call me a hater that is not the case. I want halo to succeed, I want 343 to finally make that gave that gives them praise, I want halo to not be a chore anymore. Halo 6 is their last chance, god help us all.
I'm hoping that it will be good and after 2 games 343 probably know how to make it great
We said that last time aswell, the only good game to come out has been Halo Wars 2 and they werent involved except from the final cutscene.
I have very high expectations. All the games have been great, but I feel it's going to be hard to surpass Halo 5.
I hope that there will become more co-op play and more single-play options. That is the Halo that I remember en like.

I look forward to the game, but I hope it will be a good game.
It won't be so legendary if the req system returns, which it probably will, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high. But 343 does seem like they can learn from their mistakes so I don't think it will be terrible, either.
I'm sure everybody is hoping for legendary, but I voted great because 343 will inevitably screw some things up. Don't take this the wrong way; my point is that they are human and will likely make mistakes. However, I believe the number of errors will drop significantly after learning from Halos 4, 5, and Wars 2.
We've said "they'll learn" every time. They didnt make Halo Wars 2. Another company did, they dont care about classic Halo, they are going to continue to add sprint, RNG loot systems, terrible campaigns AI and level design. They dont understand for some reason why theyre Halo 's are failing.....Its because they arent Halo.
I have little hope for halo 6 at this point. But even if it turns out to be great (even if it ends up being a classic halo game), I'm almost certain it will flop. Too many people have left the halo fandom at this point and I don't see how halo 6 could bring them back.
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