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Your top 5 coolest spartan armors?

OP DaffodilCow9876

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Mine would be the 3 multiplayer armors in 2 Anniversary, the mark V in Halo 4 and chief's armor in Halo 4 as well.
What about you guys
1. GEN2 Centurion - Fred-104's armor. Who would ever go wrong with this? This is hands down the best armor set, and I love the Greek styling on it too. Plus, I love the realistic armor/body proportioning on it and the design influences from Chief's Halo 4 armor (which is my #2 favorite armor BTW).

2. Chief's Halo 4 armor (and by extension, his GEN2 Mark VI MOD from Halo 5) - The hate on this armor is getting old if you ask me. Chief's Halo 4 armor still stands as my favorite Chief armor because not only does it actually look decent, but it also has realistic armor/body proportioning and design, and it even makes Chief actually look human! Unlike the Halo 3 GEN1 Mark VI and Halo Infinite GEN3 Mark IV which seriously make him look like an oversized LEGO fridge that mutated itself with a giant plastic toy. That the Halo 4 Chief armor makes him look human also works well in storytelling.

3. The Red Team Mark IV armors - I seriously love the Mark IV, and Red Team's Mark IVs are straight up Mark IV perfected! Jerome-092's variant is even cooler.

4. GEN2 Argus - I know some people might say this looks silly, but it just doesn't. A lot of optical equipment on the helmet makes this armor perfect for a sniper like Linda-058, and the armor still does have design influences from Chief's Halo 4 armor too.

5. Halo CE Mark V - Enough said. Just not the Anniversary version.
Mark V ( it reminds me when i was playing Halo CE)
Hermes+Eva gen 1
Argus (full set)
Mark IV
I know it' s a top-5 but i would also add centurion, noble, technician+recon gen1 and jorge's ( i don't remember the name sorry :(. )
Mark V (B)
Mark IV
Haunted,Hayabusa,Recon,Fotus and Mark V are my fav ones
Mark V CE
Mark IV HW & HW2
Mark VI H3
Scout HR
Mark VI
Emile’s EVA
Venator set
Achilles set
Scanner set
and Helioskril
I also like Mark VI it is pretty cool looking
Mine would be the 3 multiplayer armors in 2 Anniversary, the mark V in Halo 4 and chief's armor in Halo 4 as well.
What about you guys
Atlas helmet with vigilant watcher armor in Halo 5 and E.V.A in the others
AKIS (with CBRN attachment)
military police
Security (halo 3 version)
Definitely Halo CE Chief (the classic), H3 Recon (newer ones look kind of dinky), and all of the H4 specializations looked so top!
My top five, in no particular order:
1. Helioskrill. As someone who loves the Sangheili and always has since Halo 2, the idea of them making Mjolnir for Spartans is nothing short of awesome.

2. EVA. I love all forms of EVA, be it Halo 3, Halo: Reach and yes even GEN2 forms. I remember being so happy finally unlocking EVA in Halo 3 after hours of trial and error. When I was a little older and I got to watching RvB, The Meta made that armor set twice as awesome. It'll always hold a special place in my heart.

3. Mjolnir Mark VI. There's not much to say about this one. It's the perfect blend of old-school classic armor and just a really simple, well-working design overall. it just works.

4. CQB. This one has a lot to do with my brother. My little brother and I used to play tons of Halo when we were both wee. From Halo CE to Halo 5, we grew up together as Spartans. His armor of choice was usually the CQB when applicable, and anytime I see it I think of him and the great times we had in Halo 3 and Reach. I also just love the t-shape of the visor, it subtly reminds me of the Star Wars Mandalorians.

5. Thinking of a fifth was a little challenging, not because I don't like any other armors but because I like all of them. But I'd probably have to go with Emile's modified Mark V EVA armor, with his signature kukri and carved death's head. Emile himself shares my birthday, and on top of that, the kukri reminds me of my father who also plays Halo and the armor is just badass overall, not to mention it's a one-up from my other favorite, the EVA.

That's about it, though if I had a say in the matter, I would prefer to play as a Sangheili!
Chief's halo 4 armor
Jerome's halo wars 2 armor
  • The classic Mark V - So far, nothing has beaten it IMO. I particularly love this faithful fan recreation: IMO his/her modern take is also better than most versions of the Mark V that appeared in the games after CE:
  • The classic Mark VI - Not a fan of the fish bowl version that appears in the H2A cutscenes but love both the original Halo 2 and 3 designs. There's a reason this is the Chief's armour and not some other design
  • Mark V Recon - Everyone loved the Mark VI Recon as it appeared in Halo 3, and it was cool and all, but I think the design got refined in a really cool way for Halo Reach. It looks really sleek, high tech and stealthy in a sense. Halo 4 and 5's versions look a bit wonky and kind of bloated. In fact, I think a lot of Halo 5 helmets look bloated.
  • ODST - likely just for nostalgia's sake. Like with Recon, I think the Reach version of the ODST permutation looks best.
  • Grenadier - in particular, Jorge's set up. It's a beefed up armour set that was completely new at the time but very clearly fit in with the existing Halo aesthetic. Jorge's slightly orange visor also harkens back to the pre-Halo-CE visors and the ones that appear on the covers of Halo CE and 2.
1. Mark VI (Halo 3)
2. Mark V (Halo 3)
3. Mark IV (Halo Wars)
4. Mark V[B] (Halo Reach)
5. Recon Armor (Halo 3)
5. Helioskrill (Halo 5)
4. Recon (Halo 3)
3. Mark V (Halo: CE)
2. Mark VI (Halo 2)
1. ODST/Helljumper
ECN Knight wrote:
1. Mark VI (Halo 3)
2. Mark V (Halo 3)
3. Mark IV (Halo Wars)
4. Mark V[B] (Halo Reach)
5. Recon Armor (Halo 3)
Achilles armor set
Mark VI
Eva (halo 3)
GRD (Halo reach
Achilles for sure.
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