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Your top 5 coolest spartan armors?

OP DaffodilCow9876

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Recon (3)
Recon (Reach)
1. Achilles
2. Venator
4. Warmaster
5. Scout
h3: Security
h3 odst: Mickey w helmet
reach: grenadier
h4: soldier
h5: noble valor or mark 4 gen 1 arcadia
1. GEN2 Centurion - Fred-104's armor. Who would ever go wrong with this? This is hands down the best armor set, and I love the Greek styling on it too. Plus, I love the realistic armor/body proportioning on it and the design influences from Chief's Halo 4 armor (which is my #2 favorite armor BTW).

2. Chief's Halo 4 armor (and by extension, his GEN2 Mark VI MOD from Halo 5) - The hate on this armor is getting old if you ask me. Chief's Halo 4 armor still stands as my favorite Chief armor because not only does it actually look decent, but it also has realistic armor/body proportioning and design, and it even makes Chief actually look human! Unlike the Halo 3 GEN1 Mark VI and Halo Infinite GEN3 Mark IV which seriously make him look like an oversized LEGO fridge that mutated itself with a giant plastic toy. That the Halo 4 Chief armor makes him look human also works well in storytelling.

3. The Red Team Mark IV armors - I seriously love the Mark IV, and Red Team's Mark IVs are straight up Mark IV perfected! Jerome-092's variant is even cooler.

4. GEN2 Argus - I know some people might say this looks silly, but it just doesn't. A lot of optical equipment on the helmet makes this armor perfect for a sniper like Linda-058, and the armor still does have design influences from Chief's Halo 4 armor too.

5. Halo CE Mark V - Enough said. Just not the Anniversary version.
I can tell you really like fred. your username and profile pic says so.
1 Timmy
2 Helioskrill
3 Halo Reach Mark 5
4 Fotus
5 Halo 4 Scout
1- Semi-Powered Infiltration Armor, I hope it becomes an Armor we can use.
2- Mark IV, I like the design and how it looks almost like a prototype for Mark VI
3- Mark IV, I have a lot of memories of just looking at Photos of Mark IV I love how simple and unique the Design is
4- Mark V, I really don't like the Anniversary Version but I love the Original and the Ones in the Novels
5- Hayabusa, I loved the way you got it, I actually had fun getting it and I love the Blend between Old Armor and Futuristic Armor
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