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[Locked] Basic Map Requirements - Halo 5 Forge

OP Forum Team

Our Multiplayer Team has provided us with a list of requirements that all Forged maps must meet in order to be considered for matchmaking. When creating your map, please use the following guidelines!

BASIC Map Requirements – Non game mode specific
    • 4 Red (Defender) Team Spawns / 4 Blue (Attacker) Team Spawns
    • Intro Camera Setup (Teams / Weapon Pads, Objectives)
    • Kill Volumes / Soft Kill Volumes / Collision (Invisible) Barriers
    • Spawn Quality
      - No Spawns facing walls / drop offs / geo snags / floating above ground
      - Symmetrical Map – Team spawns equidistant to weapon pads / neutral game objects
    • Named Locations
    • Neutral Respawns: ~65+ per map (Minus Breakout)
    • Dynamic elements (energy shields, fusion coils, shootable triggers, etc)
BREAKOUT Requirements
  • Running Start Setup
  • 8 Initial Team Spawns (Attacker/Defender)
  • Two rows of 4 on running start platform (or equivalent)
    - Row One spawn order ( to create offset) 1,0,1,0
    - Row Two spawn order ( to create offset) 0,1,0,1
  • Breakout Flag Setup (Breakout Include Labeling)
    - Neutral Center Flag
    - Capture Stands (Push to Capture)
    - Red Stand placed at Blue team Spawn
    - Blue Stand placed at Red team Spawn
    CTF Requirements
    • CTF Flag Setup (Pull Capture) ( CTF Include labeling )
    • Attacker Base Flag Stand (CTF Include / Return Boundary)
    • Defender Base Flag Stand (CTF Include / Return Boundary)
    • CTF Spawn Zones (Should only be used for CTF and Assault only. DO NOT PLACE OTHER GAME MODE LABELS ON THESE)
      - Placement of two Spawn volumes which create a central overlap of the volumes.
      - Red Spawn volume to encompass BLUE side of map
      - Blue Spawn volume to encompass RED side of map
    • Intro Camera Setup to show flag placement
      STRONGHOLDS Requirements
        • 3x Stronghold Placement ( Strongholds Include labeling )
        • Intro Camera setup showcasing Stronghold locations
      FFA Requirements
      • 8 Initial Spawns (Spawn order 2 if on map with other playable game modes)
      Weapon Pad Requirements
      • Tier 1 weapons be set to 20 second respawn times after “Abandoned/Disturbed” e.g. Battle Rifle, SMG, Bolt Shot, etc
      • Tier 2 weapons be set to 10 second respawn after “Death/Deletion” e.g. Scattershot, Hydra, Plasma Pistol
      • Tier 3 weapons classification and spawn times:
        - Explosive = 2 minute respawn time (Rocket Launcher, SPNKr Rocket Launcher, Rail Gun, Plasma Caster, Fuel Rod Cannon, Incineration Cannon)
        - Precision = 3 minute respawn time (Sniper Rifle, Beam Rifle, Binary Rifle, SAW)