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Big Team Battle - Map Submission Thread

OP Forum Team

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We are always looking to add more Big Team Battle maps to Halo 5 matchmaking, and we want to see your creations! Before submitting your map, please check to make sure that it meets the Basic Map Requirements. This thread is a rolling submission thread, which means we will constantly be checking this thread for additional submissions. Take your time and submit when you're ready!

How do I submit my map?
Please submit your completed maps in this thread using the below formatting.
  • Map Name:
  • Author(s):
  • Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, Assault
  • Map Description: 1-3 sentences describing your map
  • Screenshot: Waypoint, XboxDVR, or Imgur link
  • Waypoint File Browser link
  • (Optional) Video: Waypoint, XboxDVR, or YouTube link
Be available for feedback
After your map is submitted, it will be reviewed by 343 Industries and community volunteers. While it is being reviewed, we will be looking for any map issues that will impact gameplay: player containment, incorrect spawn points, misplaced kill barriers, unruly geometry, etc. If any revisions are required to get your map ready for matchmaking, you will be contacted with feedback. To ensure your map is ready for matchmaking, please use this Basic Map Requirements checklist.
Map Name: Symbiosis
Author: Darth Quackers
Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, Assault.
Map Description: Two enemies in close proximity to each other. This map uses a lot of infantry combat as well as some vehicles. It shows of the different (shade turrets) and new (Plasma Caster, Hydra Launcher) features that Halo 5 has to offer while almost keeping the Halo 2-3 looking nostalgia.
Video: (Map has changed in terms of sight lines/balancing since video)
  • Map Name: Mirage
  • Author(s): Vorked Manback and EnoughLemon
  • Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, Assault: All gamemodes are supported.
  • Map Description: 1-3 sentences describing your map: Mirage is a Big Team Battle map based on infantry gameplay with multiple route choices for flanking. Featuring a Sniper, Ghost, and SPNKR as your power weapons for map control. The map is "symmetrical" in design and offers many ways around the map.
  • Screenshot: Waypoint, XboxDVR, or Imgur link:
  • Map Link:
  • Video:
The map has been updated greatly. Lighting has been fixed, weapon placements have been updated, weapon and powerup spawns now meet proper matchmaking code.
Strongholds also now meet matchmaking code. Just an overall fix and update of the map to make sure everything is how it should be.
Can people post vehicle centric maps please, we don't need any more infantry focused maps
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  • Map Name: Cryptum
  • Author(s): D4rkpr1nc3
  • Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, Assault
  • Map Description: Cryptum is a BTB map inspired by the surface of Requiem and Halo 4 Forerunner Architecture. The map features two forerunner bases, a cave system, a neutral forerunner structure, a central rock trench and rocky terrain with plenty of lanes for vehicle traffic.
  • Screenshot:
  • Download:
  • Map Name: Cliffhanger
  • Author(s): Enderman9 and DAJSK
  • Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, Assault
  • Map description: A symmetrical BTB map with three power weapons, 2 snipers (one for each base), and a SPNKr rocket launcher. Overshield and Active Camo are also on the left and right sides of the map, and a cave in the middle for infantry-only and to escape vehicles. On the left and right sides of the cave are holes to also ensure you can escape or have a quick entrance. It was also built on Alpine.
  • Screenshot: Screenshot of map
  • Download link: CLIFFHANGER
  • Video: New version-ish
  • Video (continued): Old version
Map Name: Maple Cavern
Author: GreyMuffinBass
Game Mode: Slayer, Strongholds, CTF
Map Description: "Tried to keep the design simple, it's a perfectly symmetrical map with many buildings and streets. Located inside the Glacier cave."
Gt: JA50N 0
Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, Assault
Map Description: Designed more for infantry but has some vehicle gameplay (gauss, ghost, mongoose), also a stationary tank for turret only (level inspired by Hang'em High, Prisioner, and High Ground)
Screenshot: pic1pic2
Video:fly through

Map Name: (DISTRICT J)
gt: JA50N 0
Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, Assault
Map Description: District from Halo 2
Screenshot: blue basered base
Video:fly through
Map Name: Velocity
Author: Darth Quackers
Game Mode: Slayer, Strongholds
Map Description: Fighting on the skyscrapers or on the ground, Velocity bases itself on mostly vehicle and weapon combat to provide a fun and unique experience. With this ginormous map hosting mantises, warthogs, and a phaeton (will switch to Wasp once Firefight update comes out), there are so many ways to play it. It is also the perfect map to ground pound on! Notice: This is more of a social/fun map than a serious and competitive map.

Video: (Took it before huge balancing and aesthetic/texture upgrades)
  • Map Name: Exile
  • Author(s): D4rkpr1nc3
  • Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, Assault
  • Map Description: A remake of the Halo 4 BTB map, Exile. This map is slightly upscaled and plays very well in Halo 5's sandbox.
  • Screenshot:
  • youtube:
  • Updated: June 30 2016
Map Name: DarkStar Chaos
GameMode: CTF, Slayer, Infection, Assault and Pro Slayer (my game type), Stronghold
Map: Description: A star darker than the rest lies deep far outerspace where chaos reigns far more supreme than any hostile organisms could live in such heat
Video Link: (outdated) video of map
Screen Shot: (outdated) Map Screenie
(Newer Version BookMark) BookMark Link
  • Map Name: Blast Canyon
  • Author(s): Uncommon future
  • Game Mode: Slayer and CTF
  • Map Description: An Asymmetrical open canyon. Two bases one each side, with a dip in the center. Paths go around the center to allow multiple entrances to each base.
  • ForgeHub link:
Map Name: Stone Cold Garrison
Game Modes: BtB Slayer, BtB Strongholds and BtB CTF (Working on Assault)
Map Description: Freezing and decaying. Set in reach on July 30 2552 abandoned by the word that the covenant was coming, left waiting for months for someone to return.- This map uses Mostly long range combat but plays great with CQC combat and also has amazing vehicle routes. Weapons and more Stone Cold Garrison includes.-
Weapons and Grenades.-
X2 Hydra
X1 Halo 2 Beam Rifle (waiting on the update) :)
X2 Brute Plasma Rifle
X2 Attached Splinter Turrets
X2 Halo 2 Battle Rifle
X2 Light Rifle
Armour Abilities.-
X1 Speed Boost (most likely gonna change it)
X2 Ghost
X2 Rocket Hog
I am currently tweaking Blocks, Spawns, adding named locations and fixing the intro cinematic. There is not as much fog/clouds and I have lowered the snow to light In they are different the photos and video below as they were made a week ago.
Oh yeah and the white ivy is no longer there you'll see that it's there in the first couple of screenshots.
13. If you need to contact me I'll most likely reply within a couple of hours
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  • Map Name: Pavement
  • Author(s): PolyGoner
  • Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, Assault
  • Map Description: Originally a Heavies map titled 'Asphalt' in Halo Reach, recreated from the ground up aesthetically for Halo 5 and of course, features plenty of vehicles! Most of the same weapons/vehicles/respawns to the best of my ability.
Map Name: Firewatch: Snow

Author: K27R

Game Modes: Assault (best), CTF, Strongholds, BTB, Infection

Map Description: Red vs Blue battle for map control in a breathtakingly beautiful forest surrounded in snow. I've had 100% positive opinions on this map than all the rest so it's a favourite.

Screenshot: CLICK HERE (Bonus screenshots: 1 2)


Note: Fire and rain variants of map also available to download

Forgehub Link: CLICK HERE
Map Name: Unearthed

Author(s): ArturBloodshot

Game Mode: Big Team Slayer (Magnums), Big Team CTF (Magnums), Big Team Strongholds (Magnums) & Big Team Assault (Magnums).

Map Description: A symmetrical BTB map taking place in an abandoned open-pit mine with a giant digger in the middle. With vehicle and infantry combat in mind, it gives place to driveable roads, wide open spaces and close quarters combat areas, they all linked to create an entertaining and fluid gameplay.



HaloWaypoint file link:

ForgeHub link:
Map Name: Power Plant (Zanzibar Rmk)
Game Modes: Big Team Battle (Best), CTF, Assault, Strongholds, Infection
Map Description: My own Zanzibar/Last Resort remix. You can play halo 5 comfortably. Remix by AngelitoCO
Halowaypoint link:
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