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Big Team Battle - Map Submission Thread

OP Forum Team

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Map Name: Permafrost
Map Author: Evil Kage 360
Game Modes: BTB Slayer, CTF, Strongholds
Map Description: I took the Halo 2 Map Containment as my inspration although the map is it's own, power weapons that are featured are a single Spartan laser and two sniper rifles on both sides as the tier 3 weapons, tier 2 weapons feature 2 Typhon Hydra Launchers, 2 Shoguns, and 2 Needlers, Tier 1 weapons feature several Battle Rifles, DMRs (Sentinel Sight), Carbones, Light Rifles, Surpressors, SMGs, Brute Plasma Rifles, and Storm Rifles spread evenly across the map, vehicles for each base feature 2 Gungoose, 1 Chaingun Warthog, 1 Guass Warthog, 2 Ghosts and 1 Banshee per base, a single Scorpion Tank sits in the center of the map equaldistant from both bases, All Human Vehicles are Tundra Variant, all Covenant Vehicles are Sword Variant

Link below includes pictures of the map

Map Link:
Updated new version 6-16-17

  • Map Name: Ranger (v2.3)
  • Author(s): HWM Wheels
  • Game Mode: Big Team Slayer, CTF, or Strongholds
  • Map Description: Inspired by Timberland, Ranger brings things back to a more rustic National Park theme with cabins, firewatch towers, and a covered bridge. To keep with human theme, the only non-human weapons are plasma pistols and sticky nades. Great hogging map.
  • Screenshot: attached to file below...
  • Waypoint File Browser link:
I didn't know this was here though I feel like it may of been mentioned before I'll get forging soon.

What kind of time does it usually take to design a map?
  • Map Name: Obligation
  • Author: LXM nadekil
  • Game Modes: Big Team Slayer
  • Map Description: Symmetrical BTB map based on Danger Canyon and Assault on Control Room from Halo CE.
  • Video: (Map has been updated since the video) link:
  • Screenshots:
Map: Melt in the Middle
Author: HerrMittmann
Game Modes: BT Slayer, BT Strongholds, BT CTF
Description: The basic concept was to mix two completely different environments - warm and cold. So the outside of this map is some kind of winter wonderland and the center is a tropical cave. Over all it's a symmetrical map that should be quite balanced by now (already tested a lot),
Link + Screenshots:
Map Name: Cold Data
Author(s):InfamousKid156(me) & aaronater536
Game modes: BTB (Slayer, CTF, strongholds, breakout) (slayer is preferred)

NOTE: Map is currently being reworked to have proper weapon placement and vehicles. Keep in mind the map was made when forge came out and is in need of much fine tuning
Map Name: The Forerunners Colesium

Author(s): Mangermouse1992

Game Mode: Big Team Battle, CTF

Map Description: Created around idea of Forerunners building a colesium map, abducting members from UNSC & Covenant to test their might.

Screenshot: , , ,

Waypoint File Browser link:
  • Map Name: Vestiges
  • Author: x K4ntus x
  • Game Modes: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds
  • Map Description: Parts of an ancient Sangheili ruin that are now in the depths of the sea. Both Covenant and UNSC have tried to recover an ancient relic that got sink with them without succes
  • Screenshot:
  • Waypoint File Browser link:
Map Name: Island of the Lost
Author(s):L NinjaPros L
Game Mode: Slayer
Map Description: This a Big Team Battle map with three different lanes for combat. The mid lane is open for worthogs and infantry the two side lanes are narrow but not small enough that you'll get trapped. There is Beach front which has a some crates that will help the Spartans win the battle. There is a SPNkr in the mid on small islands but if a spartan misses a jump they are as good as dead.
Waypoint File Browser link:
  • Map Name: Risen
  • Author(s): D3LTA V, Sarizon
  • Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, Assault
  • Map Description: Risen is a heavily remixed Uplift from Halo 2 Vista. We spent hours playtesting and tweaking every aspect to fit Halo 5's game mechanics. It has been looked at by a few 343 employees, and cartographers each with critical input. The map is Asymmetrical yet balanced. The bridge was built with H3 Narrows in mind. It really gives a great nostalgic feel while keeping the action fun and consistent. The ground level is where the vehicles thrive and feel natural, but maneuvering around the map is fairly quick with the help of mancannons. The attached Imgur link gives a great breakdown of the map.
  • Screenshot:
  • (Optional) Video:
  • (gameclip 2)
  • (gameclip 3)
  • (gameclip 4)
  • Map Name: Sandstorm
  • Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds
  • Map Description: "The sounds of gunfire in air mean war for Sanghelios and its myriad of battle shrines. Only one shall be victorious." // Desert/ruins map on Sanghelios (vehicles : AA Wraiths, Wasps, Warthogs, Mongooses).
  • Screenshot: Waypoint, XboxDVR, or Imgur link:
  • Waypoint File Browser link:
Map Name: APEX
Author: CRiSPYxBOiZ
Game Modes: Slayer, BTB, Big Team CTF, Snipers
Map Description: Map has a simple design and allows players to get creative with the barriers and setup. Map size is medium/large and perfect for 5v5 and up. Has a breakout feel but on a large scale.
Imgur Link:
Map Name: Almanac
Author: Bloodpony
Game Modes: BTB Slayer, BTB Strongholds, BTB CTF, BTB Assault, BTB Super Fiesta
Map Description: A large Forerunner structure with a UNSC base on one end and a Covenant base on the other. About the size of Rat's Nest with an Epitaph type structure in the center. Lots of vehicle and infantry paths, tested gameplay in all BTB modes. Stuck with standard Warthogs, Ghosts and weapons for balance. Symmetrical, but from down the center instead of from each end - meaning Red / Blue starts have totally different paths, strategies, strengths and opportunities for replay.

Waypoint File Browser Link:
You Tube Link (video is the older version, now looks and plays much better):
Forgehub Link (updated and with new pictures):
Additional Waypoint Gallery Links:
Map name .. frozone
Game modes .. btb slayer .. btb stronghold .. btb ctf & Neautral flag..
Map link

This map is very symmetrical with lay out , weapons , spawns , volumes
All the spec have been followed laid out at the start off this topic.
A large forerunner hydro machine sucks moisture from the air and freezes the ground below. The machine sits on top off a old ruin temple , that has plenty off distrucktable floors and walls . Theres plenty off cover and path ways . The turrett ontop off each base has good views throught the hydro to other base and the turrett if timed good can stop alot off people reaching the top off hydro .were a stronghold and sniper is . Return to the ground with a epic ground.
Map also on forge hub
Have tested and feed back been brill with others. Msg on xbox .. HOPE YOU ALL LIKE
  • Map Name: Turtle Bay
  • Author(s): TheyChaseMe
  • Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds.
  • Map Description: This map features two beaches, a parking garage, food truck stands, large trees and lots more. Battles take place around Large resort on foot, light or heavy vehicles.
  • Screenshot:
  • DL:
Map Name: Outlast

Author: KILO1717

Game Modes: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, Assault

Map Description: On the ring world below, an ancient alien facility fires raw power to the stars. This isolated valley consists of some familiar looking forerunner structures; these are used as the bases, which tunnel underground where the flags are kept. There is a fair amount of open space for long range combat as well as intense close quarters in the side caves, centre outpost, and inside the structures.

Screenshot Link:

Waypoint File Browser Link:
  • Map Name: Provocation
  • Author: OBAMA D3C3PT10N
  • Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, Assault
  • Map Description: "Following the Human-Covenant war, a fragile peace is shattered when opposing factions lay claim to valuable terrain." An island themed map with heavy vehicle combat and strategic yet balanced cover, high grounds, sight lines and power weapons capable of overcoming land, air, and tank vehicles. Larger map meant for 6v6 to 8v8.
  • Screenshot: Map contains screenshots
  • Waypoint File Browser link:
Side note: Bugs are encountered when viewing intro cinematic, and strongholds won't score points for some reason. Also, map keeps reverting to previously saved title Provocation Heavies. The proper title should simply be Provocation.
  • Map Name: Ragnahalla
  • Author(s): HerrMittmann and no god anywhere (without knowing it)
  • Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds
  • Map Description: It's a remake of the remake of Valhalla/Ragnarok. I used the current Map from Matchmaking and litterally turned every stone - most importantly I transplanted it to Tidal to have real water. Also I replaced the banshees with Wasps.
  • Screenshot:
  • Waypoint File Browser link:
Map Name: Shadows
Authors: XLoadedStormX, LifeSpartan5679
Game Modes: Slayer (Could support any other gametype but is recommended for slayer mostly.)
Map Description: "In the depths of the sea and the secrets behind lies a mystery lies between the battle of two teams." This map features the following weapons and vehicles. A Sniper, Spartan laser, Two Hydra launchers, Two Dmrs, Two Lightrifles, a Stormrifle, an Smg, Two Warthogs, Two mongesse, (or mongooses) A Banshee, multiple Frag grenades and Pulse grenades.
File Browser:
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