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Classic gameplay evolved (Halo 5 custom)

OP NebulousCheetah

Hey guys I have currently been in the works of making a classic gameplay game mode on halo 5. The only piece of gameplay that comes from halo 5 is the thruster pack (slightly weaker in this mode), and stabilizers. I made a first build and got good feedback on that. Build 2 is done and ready to go.
Game mode is called Classic Evolved. I suggest playing on forge made classic type made maps.
Please send feedback to my discord: Crv9IsCheetah #4523 , xbox live gn: Crv9exodus. Or my gaming email: , or on this thread. Hopefully this grows and the game mode will grow. Enjoy!!!

Game play details.

Thruster pack:
Speed = 80%
Recharge Delay = 100%
Activation cost = 100%
Ground Pound = off
Duration: 100%
Anti-gravity: 70%
Base Movement
movement speed: 100%
Forward speed: 110%
strafe speed: 100%
forward acceleration: 90%
Other acceleration at 100%
Sprint : off
Jump height: 120%
Clamber: off
clamber speed N/A
Jump gravity: 110%
hope you guys have fun trying out this game mode.
You may have to publish it first, because when I look at your file share, this pops up. Take it with a grain of salt though, I don't know a whole lot about the file share.
it is officially out!! Have fun