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OP Boonshadow

Here's my community creation about the community creations traffic.
Aurora jorealis
I’m down to play, my gt is “Im Hi On Kush”
MintPigeon97013 Got you from the other locked thread ✌️
Kickin it old school
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Power of WarGod &/or stckrboy I would really like to try to do this post over. Is it true that you get one chance to post things? If you make a mistake like putting a square peg into the round hole and try to then go and try to post the square peg into the square hole and it gets locked manually by a moderator who doesn't offer any additional details or information and then doesn't respond to your messages when presenting logic and reason, not sure what to make of that.

Have you ever seen a whale with a polk-dotted tail down by the Bay?

Take care now, bye bye then.