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OP snickerdoodle

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Here is a halo 5 screenshot.
Here is my entry for the Halo Community Spotlight :)
When will the next one be out?
Here is my latest Halo 3: ODST/Halo 2 New Mombasa Outskirts Moc. One of my biggest builds yet with many elements taken from the games, enjoy!
Gravitational Influencer 🔨 [ Screenshot taken during a Grifball Pro match on 15MAY2020 ]

- -

Big EcK 87

Big Boomba Makers
Just got around to making a twitter for my Halo stuff. Here are a few snapshots I took today!
Sorry if some things look disproportionate.

You might have to copy and paste the link.
I was messing around with Wallpaper Engine as I recently got it thought a good practice would be the Memorial Day picture.

Turned out okay, picture is a bit low res and tried not to go overboard with too many effect to keep the animation subtle.

Wallpaper Engine: Steam Workshop Link:
Hi Guys!
I Was Going About In Theatre Mode When I Captured This Majestic Moment.
Decided to make this funny image!

I hope you guys like it!
"Covenant Onslaught" - My latest drawing!
Had a blast with my mates on MCC multiplayer today, even if the last matches got a little heated lol. Thought I'd make a quick sketch. Finally managed to draw a competent hand! : )

Sorry I could only get it to work through discord lol
Recently put this up on reddit titled - I thinjk I've perfected the art of dodging
My Instagram is @916Ghost Here’s a link to one of my screenshots
Here's my take on the chief ! Trying to make him look badass while he's on the job.

Inspired by the poster of Apocalypse Now, a scene of the movie Tears of the Sun or one of the trailer for Death Stranding, don't really now but yeah, that's the idea !

(It's the armor from Infinite and I was inspired by the idea of an open world Halo game, running wild in the lush environnement etc.)

Here's the full picture :

And here's my instagram just in case :
Here is my most recent screenshots hope I can get featured
Not sure if this thread gets checked, but here is a submission.
Here's my latest work, "View from the Trenches". Real proud of this one:

The full album is here in case you guys have a different favorite:

I'm asylumprophet on reddit and instagram
Hi guys. It's me again.

So, for a school project, I was told to create a movie poster for a book. I had just finished reading Renegades, and when I got the assignment... inspiration struck.

Enter the (un)official poster for Halo: Renegades. It's simple, but symbolic: The ace of spades card represents Rion's ship, as does part of the logo; the Reclaimer emblem in the background symbolizes 343 Guilty Spark, and there's an ONI symbol in the upper left.

Link to my DA artwork page (as Sierra-A137) (Domestic Variant) (International Variant)

You're welcome.
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