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OP snickerdoodle

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Here is some Halo art I have made the past few years!
I 3D modelled an Elite Honor Guard Ultra!! Video and 4K renders below:

Would love to be featured :D
Hi I would like to share my creation for a chance to win
Here is some Halo art I have made the past few years!
Nice dude.
Can’t remember if I did this or not already but screw it I’ll do it anyway. I Wanna share an extended universe project I have been working on for a while; it’s name:
hope the link works, and I hope anyone who views it likes the content even a bit as I‘d live feedback. This is the culmination of so many years worth of playing, reading, and loving the Halo franchise so I thought I’d try and give something back with all I know about the universe.
I got a double kill in one of the most unconventional ways in Halo 3 on Xbox MCC. I followed it up with a celebration fitting of the greatest online shooter. Enjoy!!AtioPG2-dqKEjUV6QgvIoORoySdA?e=6XTeze
Handsome Boy Modeling School is the best $60 I ever spent. dawg.
I’ve finally decided to post my art for the community spotlight! I made it while back, but now I think it’s time. For a brick, he looks pretty good! What do you guys think? (P.S. I call the artwork “Not Yet…” for obvious reasons, hope you like it ^^)
EE Hoff wrote:

Not sure if this is the right format but here it is! Kilimanjar
this is epic i like it
Check out my Halo cosplay helmet! Hope you like it!

Excited to share this: Halo Infinite Helmet.
Some screenshot I took after messing around in Halo 3 The Ark with The Acrophobia Skull on, letting me get to new places!

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5
Screenshot 6
Screenshot 7
Screenshot 8
Screenshot 9
Screenshot 10
Screenshot 11
Screenshot 12
I like to call it... “Stupid Grunts”
HI! seeing we're all in love with the banished I'd love to show some Banished vehicles I've been working on :)
imgur links:
Halo 5 forge Banished Scarab -
Lego Banished Scarab -
Lego Banished Lich -
Lego Banished Locust -
A couple pictures I'm pretty proud of making if I do say so myself and would love to share!!

Chief and Arbiter finishing the fight with "One Final Effort"
My Halo 3 spartan I drew in celebration of Halo 3 coming to PC!!
I put together a new forge map called Gauntlet.

The halowaypoint link to my map is:
Here's a meme from your most recent Halo Infinite GIF tease!
I Created some skins for the Assault Rifle!
I made a mural of Chief in Infinite
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