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OP snickerdoodle

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Halo Infinite - Official Gameplay trailer mix (Halo 3 ost)
A video dedicated to all the Halo Infinite trailers we have been blessed with so far, mixed into one last effort.
Some of the stuff is amazing.

This post has been hidden.

Made nameplate(s) of our favourite brute:
A Master Chief master piece I made awhile ago:

A city I made based off New Mombasa:

Created my favorite building in forge:
Came up with this cool render...
A bit of Forge with the new items, then used Photoshop for the small lighting changes and lens blur
Hello whomever may read this,
Here is my whole submission, 12 images:

  • -> Superior Wingman Researched.
  • -> Missiles Away!
  • -> ADP - Aerial Death Platform
  • -> Pelicans enroute.
  • -> This is what they taught me in basic.....
  • -> Say hello to my little friend!
Oh, also I got this crazy clip of a blind grenade throw a while back that I edited into ... something, it goes on for a while but it was just something that amazed me and still does so I thought ill put it in here:
I’d like to submit my tattoo! Although the tattoo is personal to me, the meaning behind it I hope will benefit other people. Finding something passionate that you can immerse yourself in and escape some things that may be upsetting or challenging in life for some time. Obviously it’s a temporary fix, and you shouldn’t ignore your problems or feelings!

More on my tattoo and the reasons behind getting it. I was diagnosed with cancer when I was only 12 years old, I had to fight for my life against challenging odds. It was in hospital when I first got to play an Xbox for the first time and the game available to me at the time was Halo 3. I played as a super soldier that against all odds managed to get through all the challenges and obstacles set before him and survive. The Chief was my inspiration, as it wasn’t far from the challenges I was facing. Since then I’ve had other challenges in life, numerous major operations and life threading situations that have challenged me both physically and mentally. My parents were also drug addicts and prone to making poor selfish decisions in life. So I moved out on my own at just 16. Because of how sick I was I couldn’t work and barely got by. At the end of the day though I always had Halo to escape into. I’m now 24 have a beautiful fiancé and absolutely legendary friends, all thanks to Halo. Thanks to the support of my fiancé and friends while playing Halo it has given me the strength and courage to pursue my goals and dreams. Where most people see a game, I see something that has saved my life and given me so much. I harp on about Halo so much, to the point that it probably annoys people, however I’ve also never really opened up about why I do that and what it means to me. I owe so many thanks to both Bungie and 343i for giving me something to look forward to and for sticking by me. “Not all heroes wear capes”.

The tattoo I got reflects the difficulties I’ve faced in life, I recently completed the games on LASO difficulty on my own, which is how I got through cancer etc. When you have one life, and no choice but to keep moving forward. When you need to deal with things in life that most people wouldn’t even imagine, it makes life incredibly difficult. This tattoo for me, pays so much respect and thanks to the game and the people that created it while also showcasing the skulls in game that match challenges I’ve faced in real life.

I hope you enjoy it! Give it a share if you do :).

If you’ve taken the time to read this, thank you so much! If you’re going through rough times, there’s always ways of dealing with things and people willing to listen. Have a legendary day.
Here’s the link to a SFM poster I made, I’m still learning and trying some stuff but I think it turned out well
Got some more Assault Rifle skins!
Made a Halo movie/game poster.
check it out here @
Did a 4K Resolution Render of Chief in his all new Mjolnir Gen III Armor. Want to test my luck too so here's my first time submitting to the community spotlight.
I've been super into Halo 3 lately and have been enjoying theater mode! Took this awhile back but I think it's pretty cool. First time submitting to the community spotlight!
Just some halo art I made a while ago, looking forward to infinite and more halo games to come.
I drew this for a couple of my friends' birthdays! I hope this is the right spot to put it!

Lofi remix to "Set a Fire in Your Heart" I made under my Mundiaxis name. Can we get some Banished Beats radio in Halo Infinite?
A Killpocalypse and a Running Riot I was able to pull off yesterday! I think Craig would be proud!

and to top it off I picture I took while playing a match the other day I just kind of found funny.

I hope either of these qualify!
Hope you guys like it, took me a while.
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