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OP snickerdoodle

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Beno wrote:
Beno wrote:
Funny halo video that i believe is worth watching
Da dump tssss
<blockquote class="box-quote" data-username="Beno" data-postid="505">
After playing a lot of the insider build for ODST FF, drew up the Rookie!
Here's a pretty nifty Halo 4 grenade throw. Off the back side of the Grunt-mounted turret and right into the ship. I was ... blown away ;)
These are my favorite screenshots
I did an Emile Sketch!
Spent the last month on this rendering. Love the H3 grav hammer so I wanted to recreate it!
Second time's the charm? Hope I can get in!

ODST'S and Chief:

Arby and The Chief:


Noble Team:



This is concept art I made if the Kevin the Crab helment was in Halo 5 Guardians, I drew this because me and my friend found a couple of people who mentioned this a long time ago but never showed any art so I decided to put it into visual. Hop you all enjoy it😁
Here is the Halo Infinite banished AA gun Outpost from the Gameplay Demo recreated In Halo 5 forge, as a BTB Map!

I’ve been feeling stoked for Halo Infinite and decided to try to do a wood burn thingy of Chief

check it out!
And a couple more!


Hope they're good!
Hey there everyone!

Here's a humorous clip I captured during a play test in ODST Firefight:
I am inspired by anyone who puts the time and effort into creating a custom game. These people as forgers brings the Halo community together. New custom maps keeps the game fresh and exciting!
Father and son master chief helmets !

Hopefully I did it right, but here's my artwork!
My parody/meme titled, "Halo Craig and the Choccy Milk Part 1." Features Chief, Cortana, an Elite, and of course, Craig. Hope you enjoy it!
Hi there I'm a student studying game art and for a personal project I recreated the Halo Reach scorpion tank using 3ds Max and Substance Painter.
I recently did a presentation at my college on the Halo Soundtrack.


If you want, I can edit this post so you guys can have the script that went along with it. I just hope I didn't accidentally delete it.
Someone give this man a medal
Health Pack skin for the Assault Rifle and the new Sidekick!!
"I need a Medic!"
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