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OP snickerdoodle

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Spartans never die. This is a drawing of an elite standing over a dying spartan. (I drew it myself)
My first Halo Machinima based on an idea a friend and I came up with 9 years ago.
SaladMcLad wrote:
This is a funny little clip from my first playthrough of Halo 5. All that I have to say is that i DID evacuate. Just not in the intended way...
copy and paste the link into your browser to watch the clip
Also yeah it's private or something
An arrangement I made of some music from ODST's soundtrack. Can you tell I'm excited for the PC release?
I’ve taken some cool screenshots from halo reach and edited them a bit. Hope you enjoy.
Here's a few screenshots that I took in Halo 5. I used 20% active camo in the game settings (I think) and then I used a speed boost to make this cool effect. Hope you like them :)
Hello, I hand finished and stained this custom designed Halo legendary symbol, Please enjoy!
Paste link into browser to view
This is some fan art I drew for halo, this is what I wish I could look like in halo
Here's some screenshots I shot with my favorite Halo 3 Helmet!
Titled: "Trooper of the Night"
I made this painting, hope you like it.

Hey guys, this is a map that RxtroSkyz and I made for Slayer, Strongholds, and SWAT. (If you enjoy please leave a like, bookmark and most importantly share it too!)

Creators: SKRTMSTRFLEX, RxtroSkyz.

Game Modes: Slayer, Strongholds, SWAT.

Fort Delta is a UNSC naval base that provides lots of cover and at the same time, lots of angles to shoot from. The whole map is based on Speed, Stealth, n Survival. And most of all, having a good time!
I drew this sketch parody of “The Rise of Atriox” mixed with Halo infinite. I hope you enjoy
"If Halo Were a Classical Western game." Cowboy-117 wants to finish this fight!
Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching!
Mark VII Variation Master Chief

I made a kind of new colours to the Mark VII Halo Infinite concept art, I did a few re-designs, some variations and a draw about it. Hope you like it.
This is a screenshot from Halo 5 to represent Noble Sixs last Hours on Reach as he fought off the ounslaught of many covenant.
Bout time for another round I think!

I'm pretty proud of this custom honestly
Silent Shadow:







Be Human:

The Prototype:


Blue Team:

Hope you like em!
Here's a video of my forge map "Undergrowth"!
Hice un dibujo en mi tw sobre HALO INFINITE :3
The first 15 ish seconds don't have much happening but the last bit is fairly good...
Hi I made 343 Guilty Spark on 3D months ago and here is the original post:
Also, I made a type of vhs edit yesterday:
and finally, I did a simple composition inspired by the bases from H1

Have a nice day everyone :)
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