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OP snickerdoodle

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Hi !
I made a video montage about the Cortana story.

"If you wanted my ghost so badly, all you had to do was ask!"
Halo 5 Forge map Showcase: Full Uncut 2v2 Gameplay
I recently created a new infection map that’s unique in my own eyes. And hopefully people will enjoy the map.
Well than...
SageShark266284: Probably would have survived long and even hit a naire if I had just went down the vent, and boost at the bottom lift.
When in doubt there’s always an answer to a problem....even if its forceful.
SageShark266284 - Please don't post multiple time in a row. If you need to add more information or quote other users, you can edit your last post. Thanks
Chief and the arbiter take on the forces of the flood infested High Charity.
made in Source Filmmaker

Here's a link to my render.!ApcnFE_uMJDBoyoPgcQmQ4zBdIro
Do any of yall like halo memes I've been making a few...not trying to shout myself out
Hope this is an ok format really trying for this.
Here's a drawing I did of the original cover art for Combat Evolved.
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Manage to get these, hope you like
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Also, made this from a magical gameplay moment, enjoy:
Awesome home made Halo 5 Forge Map Trailer!
Hi! After watching Halo Infinite new trailer i'm hyped, so i share my last render remembering how this saga started (made in Blender)

Here is in full size for more detail xd:
MY friends and i decided to play infection i got lucky lol infection is intense sometimes
Hello, I would like to know when to put its content?
Is there a deadline before Friday's publication?

I would like to post several photos but in different categories, is it possible?
Should it publish from a particular site?

I made this Halo 2 campaign retrospective as a recap for fans as the MCC comes to Steam.
All this was done in Warzone Firefight. It also works on common maps with the Warzone.
I don’t know if all these bugs will be corrected but I had fun to share them with you. A lot of time to have a good angle and a lot of suicide too and thus eject parts.

Display bug:

Under the map = instant death:

Spartan dismembered and weird pose:

Super Sayen Achilles with one arm less:

A Spartan is hidden on this picture (Where’s Waldo?):

Flying fish instead of the main base structure:

Photo of trees and lampposts pasted under the map. WTF?:
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