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Get Your Xbox Clips Featured on Instagram


Hello all!

I am collecting clips for submission to the @halo_infinite_gameplay Instagram channel. It currently features Halo 5 and MCC clips submitted by the community.

If you have a cool clips please submit a link from Xbox clips website
The Instagram generally features overkills or better but will make exceptions for other really cool clips.
latest Featured video

Full wipe out!!

submit your clips from xbox clips website
I think your thread would be a better fit over here in the community creations section.
In addition to DoubleSama's advice, you can find your clips on XboxDVR or your Waypoint Content Browser, not just Xbox Clips.
Latest featured clips submission

46-49 extermination for the win. This guy is the real MVP.

Xbox clips website
Latest featured clips submission

Quickest overkill for the win.
Check him out on twitch:

#halo #halo5 #haloinfinite #halo6 #halo5guardians

Xbox clips website
Latest featured clips submission

Absolute mayhem with the shotgun! #halo #halo5 #halo6 #haloinfinite #halo5guardians

Xbox clips website