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Halo Bowl Tournament - 1/25 6:30est

OP DrknHaloPodcast

In case you guys didnt know there is a battle of the Halo Podcast tournament tomorrow night benefiting Gamers Outreach. It starts at 6:30est and will last all night. 6 of the most popular Halo Podcasts have gotten together to put on this great event!

When and Where to watch? - 1/25 6:30est on and will be hosted/casted by Mudcat and Justin from Drunken Halo and will last all night.

Prizes - Mudcat has numerous prizes to give out including Voices of War REQ packs, tshirts, Mega Blocks and 2 Halo Conflict Loot Crates!!

Donations - All donations benefit Gamers Outreach. Heres a link to their website. We raised $1687 and Got Featured on the Community update last time and this time looking to raise $4,000.

Podcasts Involved - Drunken Halo, Podtacular, Delta Halo, Podcast Evolved, Bad Halo and Lets Talk Halo

This is going to be a massive event and alot of fun! Alot of work has been put into this and we hope to see you there!
That's cool! Hope it raises the money it needs! Helping kids grow up right is a #1 priority for me!
Hell yeah! Let's do this Drunken Halo!!

Come out and support the kids! I really think we can raise $4,000 this time!
hey that sounds cool... and BTW I am in no way affiliated with this or bumping it in any way.
Can't wait to watch this Super bowl type thing I am in no way involved with. Oh boy!!
Let's Talk Halo is going to win... I am going on good info that they have some ringers!
What a great idea! Fun and for a great cause. Can't wait to check it out. Might have to look into these shows too...
Definitely going to be a good watch. Hope those sick kids get their Go Carts!!

Not vroom vroom go carts... But they better kind. The one with an xbox and stuff that makes you feel better in the hospice!
Drunken halo is going to repeat!!
Podtacular is still a thing?? Wow...

Anyways. Good luck to all!!
come and watch the twitch feed on Wednesday... will be a really fun event with proceeds going you a great cause!
Lets talk Halo? sounds like another show I've heard of about a Heroine named Helen
The Battle will be great. There will be many deaths.

If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like Oreo upon you. I have been defeated many times by this great sandwich cookie. Embarrassment has plagued my family lineage as a result.
Remember, you have no companions but your shadow.

May the sack of thine self be cleansed by salty saliva of thine enemy!
JR0CK 02 wrote:
Lets talk Halo? sounds like another show I've heard of about a Heroine named Helen
Heard the show was good and have it on good authority that Helen is the official mascot of the podcast. Good luck to all the podcast in the tourney! $5+ donation also gets you into the raffle to win a Halo Lootcrate! #StayGoldenPonyBoy
Great entertainment for a great cause!
Stream has started! over $2,000 donated!
donate here