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Halo Chronicles: All Games & Movies On Youtube!

OP Mr Gruntsworthy

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Presenting, a playthrough of all the Halo games, plus other canonical content; in one super, ridiculously long youtube playlist!
Before you ask, the answer is: Because I love Halo. All the videos are within a playlist, so wherever you jump in, it will keep on playing right to the end. Start from Pillar of Autumn in Halo 1, and watch all the way through the sagas of Bungie's original Halo trilogy, the live action short films (both), the #HuntTheTruth series, and 343i's newest additions!

July 6, 2018
-Updated future planned additions

Season 1: Halo Combat Evolved
The game that started it all. In 2552, humanity is at war with an alien conglomerate known as the Covenant. Emerging from Silpspace, a ship named the Pillar of Autumn discovers a myserious, giant ring structure with an artificial planet-like surface. Forced to land on it after the Covenant ship giving chase overwhelms them, they begin to uncover its dark secret...
Halo Chronicles S01E01: The Pillar of Autumn [HD]
Halo Chronicles S01E02: Halo [HD]
Halo Chronicles S01E03: Truth and Reconcilliation [HD]
Halo Chronicles S01E04: The Silent Cartographer [HD]
Halo Chronicles S01E05: Assault on the Control Room [HD]
Halo Chronicles S01E06: 343 Guilty Spark [HD]
Halo Chronicles S01E07: The Library (Part 1) [HD]
Halo Chronicles S01E08: The Library (Part 2) [HD]
Halo Chronicles S01E09: Two Betrayals (Part 1) [HD]
Halo Chronicles S01E10: Two Betrayals (Part 2) [HD]
Halo Chronicles S01E11: Keyes [HD]
Halo Chronicles S01E12: The Maw [HD]

Season 2: Halo 2
The unthinkable has happened: the Covenant has found Earth; with the Master Chief as the only thing standing between the relentless Covenant and the destruction of all humankind. Meanwhile, within the Covenant a deadly plot is about to be unleashed that will shatter that ancient alien alliance...
*Halo Chronicles S02E01: Cairo Station [HD]
*Halo Chronicles S02E02: Outskirts [HD]
*Halo Chronicles S02E03: Metropolis [HD]
*Halo Chronicles S02E04: The Arbiter [HD]
*Halo Chronicles S02E05: Oracle [HD]
*Halo Chronicles S02E06: Delta Halo [HD]
*Halo Chronicles S02E07: Regret [HD]
*Halo Chronicles S02E08: Sacred Icon [HD]
*Halo Chronicles S02E09: Quarantine Zone [HD]
*Halo Chronicles S02E10: Gravemind [HD]
*Halo Chronicles S02E11: Uprising [HD]
*Halo Chronicles S02E12: High Charity [HD]
*Halo Chronicles S02E13: The Great Journey [HD]

Season 3: Halo 3
Humanity stands at the verge of extinction. The Master Chief and the rest of humanity make one last stand to save themselves; bringing the war against the Covenant and the Flood to an end, one way or another.
*Halo Chronicles S03E01: Sierra 117 [HD]
*Halo Chronicles S03E02: Crow's Nest [HD]
Halo Chronicles S03E03: Tsavo Highway [HD]
Halo Chronicles S03E04: The Storm [HD]
Halo Chronicles S03E05: Floodgate [HD]
Halo Chronicles S03E06: The Ark (Part 1) [HD]
Halo Chronicles S03E07: The Ark (Part 2) [HD]
Halo Chronicles S03E08: The Covenant (Part 1) [HD]
Halo Chronicles S03E09: The Covenant (Part 2) [HD]
Halo Chronicles S03E10: Cortana [HD]
*Halo Chronicles S03E11: Halo [HD]
Season 4: Halo 3 ODST
During the events of Season 2, the Covenant laid waste to New Mombasa. Taking place at the time of this decisive battle, follow the events of a squad of ODST Troopers as they uncover the truth behind the Covenant invasion...
Halo Chronicles S04E01: Prepare to Drop [HD]
Halo Chronicles S04E02: Tayari Plaza [HD]
Halo Chronicles S04E03: Mombasa Interlude I [HD]
Halo Chronicles S04E04: Uplift Reserve
Halo Chronicles S04E05: Mombasa Interlude II [HD]
Halo Chronicles S04E06: Kizingo Boulevard [HD]
Halo Chronicles S04E07: Mombasa Interlude III [HD]
Halo Chronicles S04E08: ONI Alpha Site [HD]
Halo Chronicles S04E09: Mombasa Interlude IV [HD]
Halo Chronicles S04E10: NMPD HQ [HD]
Halo Chronicles S04E11: Mombasa Interlude V [HD]
Halo Chronicles S04E12: Kikowani Station [HD]
Halo Chronicles S04E13: Mombasa Interlude VI [HD]
Halo Chronicles S04E14: Data Hive
Halo Chronicles S04E15: Coastal Highway [HD]

Season 5: Halo Wars
Twenty One years before the Halo event, the first battles of humanity versus the Covenant were raging. Witness the Spirit of Fire and her crew fight back against a seemingly unstoppable enemy in the human race's darkest hour.
Halo Chronicles S05E01: Alpha Base
Halo Chronicles S05E02: Relic Approach
Halo Chronicles S05E03: Relic Interior
Halo Chronicles S05E04: Arcadia City
Halo Chronicles S05E05: Arcadia Outskirts
Halo Chronicles S05E06: Dome of Light
Halo Chronicles S05E07: Scarab
Halo Chronicles S05E08: Anders' Signal
Halo Chronicles S05E09: The flood
Halo Chronicles S05E10: Shield World
Halo Chronicles S05E11: Cleansing
Halo Chronicles S05E12: Repair
Halo Chronicles S05E13: Beachhead
Halo Chronicles S05E14: Reactor
Halo Chronicles S05E15: Escape [HD]

Season 6: Halo Reach
Before Earth fell to the Covenant, there was planet Reach--humanity's military fortress world. Follow a group of Spartan-III soldiers as they wage an unwinnable war against the unstoppable onslaught.
Halo Chronicles S06E01: Winter Contingency [HD]
Halo Chronicles S06E02: ONI Sword Base [HD]
Halo Chronicles S06E03: Nightfall [HD]
Halo Chronicles S06E04: Tip of the Spear [HD]
Halo Chronicles S06E05: Long Night of Solace [HD]
Halo Chronicles S06E06: Exodus [HD]
Halo Chronicles S06E07: New Alexandria
Halo Chronicles S06E08: The Package
Halo Chronicles S06E09: Pillar of Autumn (Part 1)
Halo Chronicles S06E10: Pillar of Autumn (Part 2)

Season 7: Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn
The last thing Cadet Thomas Lasky expected was his training academy to come under attack by a mysterious, powerful enemy. Initially being pedantic about his future in the UNSC, he rises to the occasion amidst the confusion and chaos and becomes the man he was destined to be.
Halo Chronicles S07: Forward Unto Dawn [HD] [Paid--$3.99 CAD]
Season 8: Halo 4
Four years after the events of Season 3, the Master Chief is suddenly awoken by a frantic Cortana. Having happened across a giant Forerunner planetoid, the Master Chief unwittingly sets off against the most dangerous enemy he has faced to date...
Halo Chronicles S08E01: Dawn [HD]
*Halo Chronicles S08E02: Requiem [HD]
Halo Chronicles S08E03: Forerunner [HD]
Halo Chronicles S08E04: Infinity [HD]
*Halo Chronicles S08E05: Reclaimer [HD]
Halo Chronicles S08E06: Shutdown [HD]
Halo Chronicles S08E07: Composer [HD]
Halo Chronicles S08E08: Midnight [HD]

Season 9: Halo 4 Spartan Ops
Six months after the events on Requiem, the Infinity returns in full force to uproot the Covenant Remnant that have taken up residence there. Follow Fireteams Crimson and Majestic as they uncover a plot by Covenant leader Jul M'dama...
Halo Chronicles S09E01: Departure
Halo Chronicles S09E02: Artifact
Halo Chronicles S09E03: Catherine
Halo Chronicles S09E04: Didact's Hand
Halo Chronicles S09E05: Memento Mori
Halo Chronicles S09E06: Scattered
Halo Chronicles S09E07: Invasion
Halo Chronicles S09E08: Expendable
Halo Chronicles S09E09: Key
Halo Chronicles S09E10: Exodus

Season 10: Halo: Spartan Assault
Before the original events at Requiem, follow Spartans Sarah Palmer and Edward Davis as they embark on some of the first missions of the SPARTAN-IV program.
Halo Chronicles S10E01: Operation Umbra [HD]
Halo Chronicles S10E02: Operation Tempered Shield [HD]
Halo Chronicles S01E03: Operation Monolith [HD]
Halo Chronicles S10E04: Operation Captured Chance [HD]
Halo Chronicles S10E05: Operation Frostbite [HD]
Halo Chronicles S10E06: Operation Hydra [HD]

Season 11: Halo: Nightfall
After the events of Season 8, Jameson Locke is dispatched to colony world Sedra to investigate Covenant Remnant activity. However, he finds himself in for more than he bargained for, as he discovers a new, powerful weapon--a biological weapon that only affects Humans.
Halo Chronicles S11E01: Nightfall [HD] [Paid -- $3.99 CAD]

Season 12: Hunt the Truth
What began as a high-profile hero story quickly turns into a full-blown investigation. Sources claim they know the “real Master Chief”: The boy, the soldier, the hero…the traitor? But who’s telling the truth?
Halo Chronicles S12E00: Primer
Halo Chronicles S12E01: A Hairline Fracture
Halo Chronicles S12E02: Bad Records
Halo Chronicles S12E03: Critical Condition
Halo Chronicles S12E04: Crossing the Black
Halo Chronicles S12E05: Out of Time
Halo Chronicles S12E06: Boxing Story
Halo Chronicles S12E07: Who's Listening
Halo Chronicles S12E08: Drip, Drip, Drip
Halo Chronicles S12E09: Phantoms
Halo Chronicles S12E10: Gag Order
Halo Chronicles S12E11: Down to the Bone
Halo Chronicles S12E12: Full Payload
Halo Chronicles S12E13: In the Bag

Season 13: Halo: Spartan Strike
During the events of Season 2, a small UNSC team tries--and fails--to beat the covenant to an artifact called the Conduit. Now, 5 years later, it resurfaces...
Halo Chronicles S13E01: Operation Orphic Spear [HD]
Halo Chronicles S13E02: Steadfast Pursuit [HD]
Halo Chronicles S13E03: Valiant Hammer [HD]
Halo Chronicles S13E04: Adamantine Shield [HD]
Halo Chronicles S13E05: Brother's Keeper [HD]

Season 14: Hunt the Truth Season 2
A rebel rally ends in slaughter, FERO is unmasked, and a new hunt for truth begins.
Halo Chronicles S14Epre: The Story of Fero
Halo Chronicles S14E00: The Only Deliverable
Halo Chronicles S14E01: Cube B-349
Halo Chronicles S14Eint: Failed Transmission
Halo Chronicles S14E02: From Fire To Blood
Halo Chronicles S14E03: Safe House
Halo Chronicles S14E04: Jackals
Halo Chronicles S14E05: Where the Third Life Shines
Halo Chronicles S14E06: Transcendence

Season 15: Halo: The Fall of Reach -- Animated Movie
We know of the Spartans; augmented super-soldiers who were key to Humanity's survival. By now, you know that their origins were both brutal and controversial. Follow Dr. Catherine Halsey and the first batch of Spartans as we witness their painful origins.
Halo Chronicles S15E01: Halo: The Fall of Reach Animated Movie [HD]

Season 16: Halo 5 Guardians
Peace is shattered when colony worlds are unexpectedly attacked. But when humanity's greatest hero goes missing, a new Spartan is tasked with hunting the Master Chief and solving a mystery that threatens the entire galaxy.
Halo Chronicles S16E01: Osiris [HD]
Halo Chronicles S16E02: Blue Team [HD]
Halo Chronicles S16E03: Glassed & Meridian Station [HD]
Halo Chronicles S16E04: Unconfirmed [HD]
Halo Chronicles S16E05: Evacuation [HD]
Halo Chronicles S16E06: Reunion [HD]
Halo Chronicles S16E07: Swords of Sanghelios [HD]
Halo Chronicles S16E08: Alliance & Enemy Lines [HD]
Halo Chronicles S16E09: Battle of Sunaion [HD]
Halo Chronicles S16E10: Genesis [HD]
Halo Chronicles S16E11: The Breaking [HD]
Halo Chronicles S16E12: Guardians

Season 17: Halo Wars 2
After decades adrift and declared “lost with all hands,” the brave crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire are mysteriously awoken above an ancient Forerunner haven known as the Ark.
Halo Chronicles S17E01: The Signal
Halo Chronicles S17E02: A New Enemy
Halo Chronicles S17E03: Ascension
Halo Chronicles S17E04: One Three Zero
Halo Chronicles S17E05: The Cartographer
Halo Chronicles S17E06: Lights Out
Halo Chronicles S17E07: From the Deep
Halo Chronicles S17E08: Hold the Line
Halo Chronicles S17E09: Under the Dark
Halo Chronicles S17E10: The Foundry
Halo Chronicles S17E11: The Halo
Halo Chronicles S17E12: Last Stand
Season 18: Fireteam Raven
Follow the story of Fireteam Raven – a group of elite Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) on the surface of Alpha Halo--fighting alongside the Master Chief and the rest of the UNSC as they try desperately to prevent the alien Covenant alliance from taking control of an ancient superweapon: The newly discovered 'Halo.'
(coming soon)

Season 19: Halo TV Series (TBD)
(coming soon)

Season 20: Halo Infinite
Direct follow-up to Halo 5 Guardians
(coming soon)
You dont really explain what the videos are. Are they just videos of people playing or are they cutscene vids?

Nice job man!
Moved to Community Creations
If you're going with release order you should have Halo Wars be before Halo 3: ODST.
Eh, I thought it made more sense for Halo 3 ODST to come immediately after Halo 3.
Updated with last episode of Forward unto Dawn!
bump with the first bit of Halo 4! Obvious spoiler warning; so watch at your own risk. Enjoy!
updated with Requiem
updated with S08E03: Forerunner, and S08E04: Infinity
Updated with S08E05: Reclaimer
Updated with the remaining bits of Halo 4, plus the first Episode of Spartan ops (includes the 5 chapters)
Updated with Spartan Ops episodes 2 through 4
Updated with Spartan Ops episode 5
Updated with the latest episode of Spartan Ops!
episode 7 of SpOps is up; 8 to follow soon!
Updated with Episode 9, the second last episode of Spartan Ops season 1!
Apologies for the delay, but the thread is updated with the final episode of Spartan Ops season 1!
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