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Halo PC Playthrough In Preparation for TMCC on PC.

OP TheSeanAndOnly

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share my playthrough of the original Halo CE on PC. May be nostalgic for some, and it's very high quality with no commentary so it might be one of the most cinematic playthroughs of CE PC on YouTube. If anyone enjoys this I'll play Halo 2 Vista in preparation for MCC's PC release.


I'll surely watch.
Wish I had the game on PC, only had on XBOX and I no longer have it.
I can't wait for the PC release of the collection to enjoy more than the 1 and 2.

Thanks for the playthrough, nostalgia arise!

Did you use the original Gearbox port for PC, or the Refined Campaign for Custom Edition?
I used the Gearbox Port
Never heard of Halo Refined? (kinda sad they released it just before the MCC port was announced, but at least 343 can work with them)