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Halo Short Story/Screenplay

OP kiwininja332

Hi y'all, man it feels like forever since I've been on the forums. Life gets busy and you lose track of time. Anyways I wanted to get myself back into the universe of Halo and what better way to do that than to write your own story.

I'm planning on writing a short story or maybe even a short screenplay about a story in Halo (just for myself I'm not trying to get copystriked), but I'm all out of ideas. What would you guys want to see? Maybe a story about a Covenant soldier who's forced to choose sides during the Great Schism. Or maybe a story about an ODST during the Insurrection who's dealing with the harsh realities of what humans are capable of for better or worse. Or if you have an idea let me know I'd love to hear what you have to say!
I like both of those ideas. I’m currently writing a series of stories based around a young ONI officer who struggles to deal with the various conflicts between the UNSC and various insurrectionists groups as well as her own men. It’s coming out great (I think) but I am a perfectionist and I am honestly afraid to post it online. I know the lore very well and I could certainly think of some more areas or help you in any way you may need. Just ask! Good luck and enjoy whatever you write.