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How to Make a Machinima in Halo: Custom Edition


To make a Halo Custom Edition Machimina, you will need:

- Halo Custom Edition
- Game capture software
- Script

To begin, create a script. The story can be whatever you want as long is it is possible to create in Halo. After the script has been created, record the voices using any voice recording program. I personally use Audacity as the sounds can be altered and clipped. After the voice lines have been finished, create a shortcut of the haloce.exe file and place it on the desktop. Right click the file and select properties. There should be a line saying the file's destination with quotation marks around it. Go to the end of the destination string and outside of the quotations, press space, then type:
-devmode -console -window
in that exact way. Press apply in the bottom right. Open up haloce.exe and select run anyway. The game will prompt you to create a new profile, and if not select multiplayer and it should prompt there instead. Type in a name, or leave it at New001 if you please. Select settings and choose your armour color via the select colour section. There are a variety to choose from which could show the character's personalities. Afterwards, exit to the main menu of the game and select multiplayer once more. Select LAN and select Slayer and any map of your choosing. Press OK in the bottom right. The game should load up followed by the word "Slayer". Now press the "~" key to bring up pink text in the bottom left of the screen. Type in one string at a time followed by enter each time:



The hand sprite should disappear in the right of the screen accompanied by loss of the HUD. Press the "~" key again and now you can move the player using the WASD keys, and can rotate the head using the mouse. To lower the weapon, move the mouse downwards and the axis should alter as the head will decouple from the arms and move up to neutral, instead of down with the arms. To move the camera, press down on the scroll key on the mouse to move the camera freely. The camera can be raised with "R" and lowered with "F". To move directional, WASD are used. Remember to keep hold of the mouse scroll whilst doing this otherwise it will switch back to control of the player. How the machinima turns out is up to you. If you want one character keep the armour consistent and it won't be too hard. To make it seem as though there are more people. Use camera angles, different weapons around the map and other armor colors to add authenticity, but keeping in mind where the other players should be, otherwise it may turn out strange and look poorly edited. Follow the instructions to use your gamecapture software as there are many out there. Finally after all the footage has been recorded, compile it, crop, cut and add audio to finish the video. Sometimes music can add atmosphere, so some royalty free music off YouTube may be of help via an mp3 downloading website. Once all has been completed and you are happy with the finished product, which can be viewed before rendering, render the video as an mp4 to your desired location. Depending on the length of the video, the rendering can take up to 4 times the length of the video to complete. Once it has finished, you can view the video from the desired destination. I prefer to make a folder just for it so it can't get lost in my computer's files. Hope this was helpful in making a machinima in Halo Custom Edition! Share this with people you think would find this forum post useful if they are wanting to make a machinima but don't know how!

Thanks for reading,

From MARSHMEL0N, leader of RULT (Ready Up Live Theta)