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Infection - Map Submission Thread

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We are always looking to add more Infection maps to Halo 5 matchmaking, and we want to see your creations! Before submitting your map, please check to make sure that it meets the Basic Map Requirements. This thread is a rolling submission thread, which means we will constantly be checking this thread for additional submissions. Take your time and submit when you're ready!

How do I submit my map?
Please submit your completed maps in this thread using the below formatting.
  • Map Name:
  • Author(s):
  • Game Mode: Infection, Hivemind, Speed Demos, Brains, etc.
  • Map Description: 1-3 sentences describing your map
  • Screenshot: Waypoint, XboxDVR, or Imgur link
  • Waypoint File Browser link
  • (Optional) Video: Waypoint, XboxDVR, or YouTube link
Be available for feedback
After your map is submitted, it will be reviewed by 343 Industries and community volunteers. While it is being reviewed, we will be looking for any map issues that will impact gameplay: player containment, incorrect spawn points, misplaced kill barriers, unruly geometry, etc. If any revisions are required to get your map ready for matchmaking, you will be contacted with feedback. To ensure your map is ready for matchmaking, please use this Basic Map Requirements checklist.
Map: Cesspool
GT: el Dunco
Game: Infection
Infection map in a sewer. It's stinky.

**UPDATED 12/21/2016**

Forgehub link:

Waypoint DL:


  • Map name; Lunar
  • Map author; Detendez
  • Game mode; Infection/Hivemind
  • Map description; Fight against the infected in this space station under construction on the surface of the Moon.
  • Screenshots; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Video; Link
  • Map download; Link
With the recent Warzone Firefight update raising the budget limit from 1024 to 1600 I have updated Lunar with more details/aesthetics. Here are links to the newest version. (Map download is excluded as this is still under the same map version as the one above).
Map: Storms End
GT: Preacher x21x
Game: Infection
Infection map in a old spanish fort that's in ruin, but the dead still linger.
ForgeHub link:
Waypoint DL:

Screen Shot:
  • Map Name: Acacia Avenue
  • Author(s): RobotMurloc36
  • Game Mode: Infection
  • Map Description: The peaceful suburb of Acacia Heights has succumbed to a deadly zombie infestation. Do you take the fight to them on the street or do you hide in the rock garden where safety is abound?
  • Screenshot: (.gif)
Map Name: Atrocity
Author: Darth Quackers
Game Mode: Infection
Map Description: On the skyscrapers in the Metropolis, you find yourself running from the infected at blistering heights. With malfunctioning light bridges and elevators to take you up to new places, it is a unique map.
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Map: Wharf
GT: cuthroat ninja
Game: Infection
A remixed longshore from halo 3, designed for infection.
A lot of effort went into aesthetics for this map and Im really pleased with how it turned out.
Forgehub link:
Waypoint DL:
    • Map Name: contaminate
    • Author(s): HUSKYLAPPER16 & Plank0017
    • Game Mode: Infection
    • Map Description: an infection
    • Forgehub link:
    • Screenshots:
Name: Town
Author: JN360eLiTe
Game Mode: Infection
Description: An abandoned town, which is slowly burning away. There are multiple holdout locations for survivors, but it is still challenging to survive. (Note): Modifications have been made to the map to make the playing experience much more equal for both the infected and survivors.
Map Name: Frostbite
Author(s): ARC GuiltySpark (ARC Gamers Forge Team)
Game Mode: Infection
Map Description: "Heavy snowfall wasnt the only reason this city was abandon". Infection map made on a urban snowy city with lots of detail and playable insides to buildings. Created by the ARC Gamers Forge Team

Forgehub link
Waypoint Downloadable Like
Waypoint Screenshot
Map: Mining shift
Autors: Viidakkokan
a [Lepobardi & MLGBURGER420]
Gamemode: Infection
Description: Mine and couple of mininghouses between mountains. ~50% of the map is outside and ~50% in the mine. Very spooky and well playing map!


Youtube-video link:
  • Map: Takeover
  • Author(s): AFTM Reclaimer
  • Mode: Infection
  • Description: Set aboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire, survivors must battle for survival in close quarters sections throughout the map. Flanking roots, sparse hiding spots, and slight congestion make this map feel different than any other infection map currently in Halo 5. Not constantly tailored for the survivors, as are most current infection maps. Also, it is balanced for social players and team players alike.
  • Screenshots(Imgur Album):
Direct Link to map:
  • Map Name: Warial Badlands
  • Author: WarraWaz
  • Game Mode: Infection
  • Map Description: 'Even rugged jiralhanae fail to survive the harsh winters in polar regions of Warial - Something even more deadly than snowstorms lurk here.'
    Fast paced diverse map with an interesting setting that encourages a variety of playstyles (run and gun, holdout, hiding), a more covenant/brute twist on-map loadout to the standard infection maps, defendable holdouts and dangerous-to-use paths for infected to quickly reach their prey, map still features H1 Pistol and a sp00ki grunt toy easter egg.
  • Map Link: Direct bookmark link
  • Screenshots:
  1. A screenshot from the intro sequence
  2. Spartan running from 'Shelter'
  3. Top-down view of 'Deck'
  4. Another view of outside, showing a bit more of the tower
  5. Thats one way to clear the trench...
  6. Interior of the 'Shelter'
  7. The valley outside of 'Shelter'
  8. A sp00ki presence
  9. Platform with plasma turret hiding up there, can be knocked down by detonating the core
  10. View of the spartan, at the other end of the 'Cave'
Hope this is enough detail, if anyone has any feedback about the map please do message me and let me know!

Edit: Due to a bug after the WZFF, my map looks pretty bad in comparison, some of the Asteroid rock chunks have had their textures changed to Tidal rock chunk textures, meaning half of my map has random ugly textures.. hopefully that will be fixed in whatever update comes next :(
  • Map Name: Boarding Pass
  • Author(s): Zandril S312
  • Game Mode: Infection
  • Map Description: An Infection map for 10-12 players with a modern train station theme. Several holdouts are in the map like the restaurant, luggage room, crate room, and even one of the trains.
  • ForgeHub Post:
  • Waypoint DL:
  • Screenshot:
  • (Optional) Video: (This video shows an older version of the map but the gist of it is there. It just lacks the new area. Special thanks to iSpiteful for the gameplay.)
With the recent update extending the budget, I was able to add an additional area to the map to make it a little larger and to improve the pacing. The specific changes are in the ForgeHub post linked above.
  • Map Name: White Out
  • Author(s): Comedy Aerosol
  • Game Mode: Infection
  • Map Description: White Out is an infection map located in the heart of the Arctics.
    After learning that the facility went dark, you were sent in.​
  • Forgehub Link:
  • Waypoint Download:
  • Screenshot:
  • (Optional) Video: (Not a video, but it's something)
Map Name: Vault 518
Author: GreyMuffinBass
Game Mode: Infection
Map Description: A vault made to look like it's straight out of the Fallout universe! Inspired by the vault designs in their mobile app game: Fallout Shelter. I ran out of objects before I ran out of lighting, which was a first for my maps :)
  • Map Name: Hypobaropathy (Sciency talk for Altitude Sickness)
  • Author: KingOfYou115
  • Game Mode: Infection
  • Map Description: Altitude, one of the many Breakout Arenas, just went dark. The UNSC has sent in a team of Spartans to investigate.
  • Screenshots:
Contact me via Xbox Live Messages, I don't check anywhere else regularly. :P

- KingOfYou115, Leader of Amoni Corps (S.H.A.T.) and Forger Organization Reserved for Growing Everyday Directors (F.O.R.G.E.D.)
  • Map Name: Antidote
  • Author: KINGCREEPER96
  • Game Mode: Infection
  • Map Description: In an overgrown UNSC base. Falling apart at your feet. Where infected thrive and where an antidote can be found. This is where it first began 30 years ago from the green matter incident. Live to tell the tale.
  • Screenshots:
  • Forgehub (Download) link:
  • Map name: Bunker 219
  • Author name: ZeroGravity284
  • Gametype: Infection
  • Map Description: Bunkers have been set up to study the undead but when one bunkers goes dark a group of spartans must go in to investigate
  • Screenshots:
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