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Installation 01 - A Fan-Made Halo Game

OP TolerSupreme

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So is this dead now that Halo:MCC is coming to Steam?
No not really cause this will be free and it'll play a little different than other games,
So is this dead now that Halo:MCC is coming to Steam?
It's still always nice to have a different flavor of Halo around regardless of the platform
Still hyped for this game since I heard about it also thanks for making it free
how do you download
looks cool
With MCC coming I wonder what audience will stick to i01 and what people they try to target in the first place since we will get every Halo game with its multiplayer on PC now. So a Halo 3 fan would go for H3 on MCC, H2 fan H2 MCC etc. What does i01 bring to the table that will separate it from the official releases so it won't be dead on arrival?

Unless this is just some kind of "fun" project for the creators now if only to spend some time together.
I heard about it but then never played, this post reminded me! I'm totally gonna check it out soon!!
This video gameplay is from 2015 but for anyone curious about it.
IntroductionInstallation 01 game build. Extremely early build.

Introduction:Installation 01 is a PC-exclusive Halo game being developed by a small, talented group of fans. Our goal is to return Halo to it's core, arena-based multiplayer, finding the perfect balance between Halo: CE, 2 and 3. However, make no mistake: we have an intricate story-mode planned for the lore-lovers, as well.

What is Installation 01?Installation 01 is a PC-exclusive Halo game that will be 100% free-to-play. Our goal is to deliver a true Halo-experience on the PC platform that will be accessible to as many people as possible. The game is extremely early in development, so there aren't many details I can share with you. But you can expect me to update you along the way. A public beta is planned for the future. Date undetermined. Truthfully, this game is made FOR the fans. Our 19-man team is extremely talented and dedicated, and are making this game with a unified love of Halo.

Plans for the future:Like I've said, we are extremely early in development, but we do have some sort of layout planned for the game. In terms of gamemodes, you can expect your beloved Campaign, Multiplayer and Firefight options all available to you. For multiplayer, the standard CTF, Slayer and KotH game modes all make a return.
We also have multiple series planned on our YouTube page, such as:

-"Making of 'Installation 01'" - A series dedicated to provided our fans with gameplay updates on a bi-monthly basis to show progress in development. This will be extremely cool when the game is fully released and you can watch them all one after the other and see the gradual progression of the game. Should be 1-2 minutes in length, each.

-"Music of 'Installation 01'" - A series which purpose is to release the game's soundtrack to the general public. Descriptions of each composition will include the usage and placement of the song. For example, if you're playing the third level of the campaign, and you hear a song you really enjoy, you can find it in the description of the video, saying "This song plays in Mission 3 of the Campaign - Checkpoint Beta". For a reference, I, the primary composer have released this to showcase what the soundtrack will be like.Into Dust - Installation 01 Track

-"Developer Diaries/Video Documentaries" - Pretty much your standard videos you see developers upload. The rate at which we upload these will increase as we get closer to the launch of the game. Look forward to updates from me about this!

FAQsQ: How much will Installation 01 cost at launch?

A: Free. We're not legally allowed to make a profit off of this, and why would we charge you in the first place? This is our gift to the Halo community.

Q: What game modes will be in Installation 01?

A: Currently we have a campaign and multiplayer, and firefight-esque mode planned. Things can always change, but these features are basically set in stone. If you were referring to gametypes, expect standard Halo gametypes such as CTF, Slayer, ect.

Q: Why does your game look like it was made in 2002?

A: It is an early build. None of this represents the final product.

Q: Will the campaign be canon?

A: We have some of the top Halo-experts working on the campaign to ensure we don't break any of the established canon. Stay tuned for story-related details!

For immediate updates on all things Installation 01, you can follow us on all the following websites:

Check out our MAIN website! And join our forums! - Installation 01 Website

Feel free to ask more questions in the comment section. I will do my best to answer them!

Halo © Microsoft Corporation. Installation 01 was created under Mircosoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Halo ©. It is not endorsed by Microsoft and does not reflect the views or opinions of Microsoft or anyone officially involved in producing or managing Halo ©. As such, it does not contribute to the official narrative of the fiction universe, if applicable.
This looks like a really good project! Keep at it guys! :D
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