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Most cliche Halo machinima ever

OP JammyTurtle

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if (almost) every Halo machinima cliche was rolled into a single video?

Turns out I've got the answer....

Attack on Rise of Alpha Squad 69 Revengening Earth Covenant Titans (AoRoAS69RECT for short) is a feature length Halo Reach machinima project which combines the key attributes you've come to expect in a typical Reach action machinima.

It's up to our brave hero (insert spartan name here) to stop the alien scum. Join our savior as he encounters aliens, turncoat aliens, English-speaking aliens, zombie aliens, zombie humans, human aliens, human humans, flying metal balls and MLG squeakers.

While some may describe it as action, others describe it as comedy, and surely a few will describe it as dumb, I could class it as the most classic example of action machinima at its best (worst). This is a textbook example of what boredom and hatred for cliches can produce.

Witness the exact same plot points you've seen countless times before as some scientist make a super duper spartan making machine, an elite changes sides, some elites have a disagreement and the leadership on both sides remains incompetent and unable to change tactics. Then be shocked into submission as you discover the truth about the valley and its place in the Halo storyline.

Anyway, enjoy and for all the other content creators out there, don't take this thing seriously. I'm here to entertain, not to criticize other people's work...
Video here:

I don't know how to embed videos on this forum, I'll update this post if I work out how.