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New Halo Machinima: Maverick - Ep. 1

OP itBray

Hey there people of Waypoint! I have just released my first ever machinima on Youtube and would really like you to watch it and provide HONEST feedback (as long as it's constructive.) I know it is not the best quality and I already have ideas for improvement in the next episode but any and all advice is accepted :) Thank you all!
Well as far as first episides go, that wasn't too bad. I was impressed by the voice acting, although the voices need to be turned up. I also really liked the forge area the story took place, and the armor ability as an AI was inspired, especially matching it up to the similarly-colored spartan. The banter between the Spartans was also nice.

Besides the voice volume, there arent a lot of glaring errors, besides a lack of opening and closing credits or titles. However, everything can be just a little better.

I'd give this a 6 out of 10, but it's still a solid start (first episodes are usually terrible and yours is actually decent). It's almost impossible not to improve after a first episode, and I hope you make more of these.

x Master Rob x