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Nova Team (Non-Canon)

OP iG Nanosyl

So I went back to Halo Reach and I remembered how interested I was in noble team, even doing research on them and I got this Idea, Nova Team, if you have any problems with it please message me if it does not fit with the lore or contradicts anything that actually happened. but with your criticism do not use hateful gestures as that will not fix the problems.

Nova Team was founded in 2548 where they were stationed on the planet of Idileo during the human covenant war. The team consisted of 5 members with a 6th on the way, the team leader Alex A-109 was the one to create the team, with permission from ONI Higher-Ups. The team consisted of Nova 1 Alex A-109, Nova 2 Dillon G-636, Nova 3 Serena B-169, Nova 4 Daniel S-404, and Nova 5 Isaiah G-292, with the acceptation of their personal team A.I. Monroe which had been assigned to them in 2550 to help them with hacking covenant terminals. Nova Team was specifically founded to protect Idileo and it's natural resources, as these resources would be needed by ONI to continue the production of their Spartan III Serum. Each member of Nova Team had a specific role on the team due to their specific skills.

Nova 1 Alex A-109 / The Leader / DMR - Magnum / Gungnir (Full Halo Reach Ver) / Silver - Red
Nova 2 Dillon G-636 / The Grenadier / Assault Rifle - Grenade Launcher / Mark V (Full Halo Reach Ver not halo CE) / Green
Nova 3 Serena B-169 / The CQC / DMR - Shotgun / Recon (Full Halo Reach Ver) / Maroon
Nova 4 Daniel S-404 / The Sniper / Sniper Rifle - Magnum / Mark VI (Full Halo 3 Ver) / White
Nova 5 Isaiah G-292 / The Heavy / Chaingun - Spartan Laser / EVA (Full Halo Reach Ver) / Blue

(Mission 1 coming after Christmas)
Edited version
Sounds cool ill be keeping a look out