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Project Extinction: Player Driven Story

OP BLUE101 5

Project Extinction, where the last of us come to serve and die.
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Project Extinction Official Spartan Company

How it works?
Each week, I will post a good size addition to the story of Project Extinction, which sees the characters take part in an adventure or confrontation with each other. Therefore, I will contact the characters creators to tell them about plans for their characters and anything they wish to be done with their characters.

The year is 2553, the Covenant has splintered into countless factions each with its own objectives and purpose. The insurrection, not contempt with humanities unity during the war, has risen up to prominence again.

Project Extinction is an organisation set up to secretly or openly fight against these threats to humanity. Under the supervision of Captain Arctic, with the assistance of his AI Frankie, the project undergoes many operations to discredit the reputation of many groups, even those affiliated with the UNSC to prolong the safety of Humanity.

The characters present in the story are created by YOU and therefore you have a stake in the story. You can create a maximum of two characters. The first is your Protagonist, which is your main character and whom I am unable to kill without your permission. The other is the Sidekick. They can have the same stake in the plot, however I can kill them at any time. State which character is which so I know who is who.

So I know a little about your character, using this format in the comments, give me a description using this criteria:

Name: English preferred
Nickname: Either name or character nickname
Class: Super Soldiers are not banned, however please message regarding them
Specialization: Class specific, limit to maximum of two
Weapons: Limit to maximum of two, Human only
Biography: I need of a bit of a backstory on each character

Characters receive these as default and cannot be changed, however as the story progresses and so does the character they can earn them over time. I will contact each characters owner to ask how they wish their character to progress.

Rank: Private
Faction: Project Extinction
Armour: Standard
Armour Enhancements: None
Body Enhancements: None
Gear: None

Protagonist or Sidekick:
Rank: Private
Faction: Project Extinction
Armor: Standard
Armor Enhancements: None
Body Enhancements: None
Gear: None

Season 1, Episode 1
Where all things begin

Project Extinction, classified as a UNSC Funded Project, has no real origin. Some say that it began as a scientific endeavour to artificially kill off the Covenant leadership, hence the name Extinction. Others believe that it is more military in nature, which was to help prevent humanity's extinction at the end of the war by creating human sleeper ships. Whatever its origins, the Projects intentions now are to help secure humanities interests in an open or discreet manner.

Project Extinction has three sections. They are known as Section, Corp and Techs. Section is the military operations branch. They have a two old UNSC Navy Destroyers and two specially built Extinction Corvettes. This allows Extinction Command to run operations on a large scale, not relying on the UNSC Navy to help in transport. The Corp are engineers, some of the best minds in engineering can be found in the Extinction bays. Same for the techs, although the scientific branch is smaller than the other two. However, they are never short on ideas, and sometimes even breakthroughs.

Extinction Command have chosen a snow filled planet as their base. The planet, called DS-2254, but informally called Winter serves as home base. The moon itself is frozen for 300 Sols, and thaw for the 60 others. The ground is bumpy, with dark ravines that crack in the surface. The ice, unlike Earths, is black with time. Only the outer layer is white. The mountains provide a natural protection from the winds. In the mountains, a collection of buildings covered in snow are hidden from prying grounds in the sky.

The base itself is covered in snow, with constant snowing it keeps all Extinction personnel inside the many corridors and buildings of the base. The base itself cuts into the mountain, giving a natural protection and more space for Project Extinction. A long corridor leads to a command centre, which cuts straight through the mountain. Upon entering the command centre, a massive window shows the blank landscape of white ground. You could see where the window had been inserted, with black rock displayed on the outside.

A man would always be standing at the window. In a White Uniform, he would have a grey belt as well as wearing a grey hat. He would have displayed on his shoulder, a grey badge with a brown skull on. He was 30 years of age, and had a sidearm on his right leg. He was Captain Artic, a fitting name for the Commander of Winter. His AI, Frankie, would be a Human Male, dressed in a 21st Century, British Pub Landlord clothing. He also had a distinct accent from Scotland on Earth, most likely chosen from the records than actual experience. Together, they make a good team and manage the running of Project Extinction.
Season 1, Episode 2
Those who Serve and Live

Project Extinction, had many individuals assigned to their vast network. New recruits came in every month, usually transported through the shipping lanes between Outreach and Lyca V.
Many people have differing motives for joining Extinction. Otherwise were given a choice, or were not given one. Some saw opportunity and some saw a reason, Either way, they all become apart of a vast network for Project Extinction.

One of the individuals is Sergeant Walter Fox. Called Old Fox by the men in Section. He is 45 years of age, although the years had been kind. His hair, had been well trimmed and so had his beard, displaying in some areas a whiteness to it, one of the few factors displaying his age. He was an average built man, although he was taller than all except Captain Arctic. He wore a distinct Arctic Jacket, and Arctic cargo pants. All members of Section wear a similar uniform. He has the personality of a man with experience. Cautious at first, friendly once he gets to know you. Unless he does not like you, in that case he simply ignores you.

Another one of these individuals is Chief Engineer Mario Bronze. He studied for five years in Engineering, graduating at the top of his class. At the age of 21, he was transferred to Project Extinction to become Chief Engineer, making him one of the youngest of the command staff. He is a short man, with a big chest and red hair. His face is clean shaven, that of a man who has still not mastered how to shave however. His hands, show scars those three times his age would not even have.

Doctor Melissia Carmile, otherwise known as Lady, is the top leading mind behind Project Extinctions small science section, called the Techs. She gave up a life of luxury and comfort as a Daughter of Lord Carmile of Homestead IV, in exchange of following her dream as a Doctor and a Scientist. Unable to use her family's wealth to pay for her education, she took a military grant to fund her education and now she is here. At age 25, she has long, black hair with a small body, Her lab clothing is cliche, however she has a strap on her left shoulder with family's coat of arms.

Captain Arctic has one close colleague at his side, Lieutenant Anderson. She, unlike her Captain, is dressed in a strong black military outfit, with a grey belt and black hat. On her belt, would be two long, grey stun batons which could be taken out at short notice. Her blonde hair was tied in a strict, military style bun which clipped out the side of her hat. Unlike Arctic, she had no care for those under or above her, but her dedication to the task and the mission was paramount. Even if she sometimes failed, it was never her fault as she had done everything by the book.
Protagonist or Sidekick: Sidekick
Name: Lisa Davidson
Nickname: Davids
Class: Security
Specialization: Close Protection
Weapons: Battle Rifle and Magnum Sidearm
Rank: Private
Faction: Project Extinction
Armor: Standard
Armor Enhancements: None
Body Enhancements: None
Gear: None

Biography: Lisa "Davids" Davidson is a skilled bodyguard, training in mixed martial arts and sidearm weapons. She, like her father, has guarded high ranking individuals in the UEG.
Protagonist or Sidekick: Sidekick
Name: Gregory Stifel
Nickname: Greg
Class: Scientist
Specialization: Genetics
Weapons: (whatever the standard weapons are for science staff)
Rank: N/A
Faction: Project Extinction
Armor: Standard
Armor Enhancements: None
Body Enhancements: None
Gear: None
Biography: A genetics expert from Earth, Greg Stifel has spent his life researching for the UNSC. He was recently reassigned to Project Extinction and placed under the direction of Doctor Carmile. He dreams of gaining a further understanding of Forerunner technology but is stuck working with Dr. Carmile for now. Greg is generally friendly but has a hard time focusing on anything but his work.
Season 1, Episode 3
New faces, Old lies

New Bond Storyline

Lisa Davidson pulled her weapon from her side, pulling a rag covered with oil stains from her side as well. Her rag had holes in, with stains that showed regular use, Her sidearm looked clean already, proving that she was currently passing the time rather than properly cleaning her weapon. She was the only one inside the pelican, instead it contained crates labelled Biohazard, giving her a slight worry, and a black crate with grey straps on. The pelican started to slow, as the landed at Extinction Command on Winter.

Putting on her coat, which she was given upon boarding the pelican, she awaited the pelican doors to open. She braced for the cold by covering her face. As the door open, the corse metal smell of the Pelican was replaced of a cold, uncertain smell of Winter. The cold hit her face with quickness and brutality. Quickly, she walked out, acting upon instinct to get out of the cold as quickly as possible. She walked over to an individual waiting outside the Pelican. He was dressed in Arctic Jacket and Cargo Pants. It was Sergeant Walter Fox

"Good trip" began Sergeant Fox. His face was cold, both in expression and temperature, showing he had been outside for some time.
"It was certainly warmer inside there than out here, sir" she replied to Walter. "I assume that you are Sergeant Fox sir." Fox smiled, indicating a liking to his new recruit.
"Walk with me, Private Davidson. We have much to discuss in regards to your assignment." Fox shouted to two crew chiefs. "You two, unload the package from the bay and follow us." The two crew chiefs did as instructed, unloading the two packages and following them down into the complex.

The individuals walked down a long corridor. This corridor was massive, easily able to fit a Scorpion Battle Tank through it. Davidson admired the scale of it, of how such a small location could have such a grand military base. She was interrupted by the sudden speech from Sergeant Fox.
"Admiring your new home?" asked Fox
"Of course, it is rare to see a ceiling this tall that is not in a cruiser bay."
"Our boys in the Corps did go a little overboard, but it serves our purpose. Anyhow, you will not be in this area." He turned to the chew chiefs.
"Take the crates to the Lab-02 and lock it in the locker." Turning back to Davidson. "Those crates will be you assignment, not a person but a package, of sorts. I will be taking you to Section to be kitted out in Security Detail, Then Captain Arctic is going to brief you and the other security team on the package."
"Understood sir" responded Davidson, who went back to admiring the grandeur of the facility.

The Drive Storyline

He went back to his work, studying a plant found on the surface of Winter. It was a ghostly white grass, which was tall but small in width. He wished to understand how any plant life could survive on Winter, let alone on the surface where the snow was present. His research had identified how, the leaves of the plant were white to harness as much of the limited sunlight that makes it through into Winter.

A door opened into Lab-02, with two Crew Chiefs bringing in two crates. Greg had been expecting new materials to arrive, but was not expecting them going straight into the Locker. Greg asked the crew chiefs,
"How are we meant to use them if they are locked in the locker?" he interjected.
"Take it up with Sergeant Fox, Tech, his orders." One of the Chiefs responded as they both left the Lab.
Greg smiled politely, although since his reassignment to Project Extinction he had hated been called a Tech, a cheap nickname he thought. He wondered what the Black Crate contained, however quickly lost these thoughts at the sound of a door.

Doctor Camille entered the Lab, with strange timing only she could manage. She looked up from her datapad, observing the chiefs leaving the Laboratory,
"What did they want, Greg?" she asked
"They were bringing in a package from Section, Doctor Camille."
"I assume we cannot open our gift from Section, then?"
"You are right, they put it in the Locker, under orders from Fox."
"Does not matter, I will speak to Arctic regarding it. Anyhow, how is your research going?" The Doctor commented as she peered over to Gregs workstation. "Any progress?"
Greg, quickly came back with, "Good progress, it appears. I have identified several key features."

Doctor Gregory and Doctor Camille walked over to his workstation, the white plant was still present with Gregs notes to its left.
"Now, on most worlds the plants are unable to adapt to the cold" said Greg
"Yes, however we know that Winters plant life is especially adapted to the climate" responded Doctor Camille
"Of course, but I believe I know why. Interaction with the snow with the plant indicates that not only is the internal temperature is regulated. This ultimately enables this specimens survival on Winter." Doctor Camille smiled in understanding, but also had a face of curiosity.
"I believe that the heat generated from the plant, allows it to melt snow close to it core, This then allows water to return to the soil, therefore allowing the plant to continue to function during Winter."
"Anything else you have identified from the specimen?" Camille said.
"Not that I have found," Greg lied.
"Interesting then, continue with your research, Doctor Gregory." She walked away from his workstation, approaching the Locker and then to her station.

Gregory felt that he could be doing more in Project Extinction than as Doctor Camille's assistant. He felt it a waste of his talents, studying basic plant life that a Junior Scientist would be more than capable of completing. Before his thoughts could continue, a black figure appeared, emitting a dark glow in the Lab. It was Freddie.
"Hello, Lady Camille. How is your day been?" He directed to Doctor Camille.
"Doctor, Camille." she emphasised. "I thought I made that clear to you, AI."
"You did, but I find it entertaining." He chuckled, then appearing in front of Gregory. "And hello to you, Greg."
"Hello, Freddie."
"What do you want, AI?" Camille interjected.
"Just to inform you that Captain Arctic is on his way to inform you on your new materials from Section."
They continued, as Greg drifted back into thought over the Black crate, which was firmly in his mind. Then, like Deja Vu, he was removed from this transfixion by a door, whom walked in through this door. Captain Arctic.
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Season 1, Episode 4
Thing of the Past

New Bond Storyline

She walked from this large hallway, into a smaller, more confined hallway clearly military in nature. Sergeant Fox appeared to give her a small wave, an informal gesture of goodbye for now. The metal on the ground was beaten from men and women walking in boots. The hallway was bright and cold, showing how the planet of Winter had influenced the design of the facility. As she walked closer to a black, metallic door, a squad of Section Troopers passed here. Dressed in the standard Arctic uniform used by most of Section, there boots still showed little bits of snow from walking in and out of the facility. As she approached the door, a man in a controversial Black Camo uniform approached her.

"Halt. Please present you ID pass." he questioned her. His tone and greeting indicated that this was his job most days, being one of the standard security officers she would most likely be apart of soon. She quickly passed her ID pass to him.
"Agh, your Lisa Davidson, I have heard much about you." He commented.
She gave a half concerned smile, "What have you heard about me?" She asked.
"Just a standard briefing, plus looking up your profile on the holo web." He paused, then continued. "It was incredible how you stopped that sniper on Homestead IV."
"Yeah, well no one else was gonna save him. Best I did." She quickly said, wanting to exit into Section Command.
"Well, carry on, Section Security in the glass room overlooking the auditorium on the right." He said, then opening the Black door to reveal Section Command.

Section Command was the main auditorium which connected all the areas of Section. The room itself had been  The main area was a grandeur of tables, computers, chairs and recreational activities. It was mainly a communal space, however overlooking the space was Section Security the guard informed her about. On her right was most likely the barracks, split into opposite sexes like standard military areas. The armoury was to her left, most likely one of the smallest spaces in Section. Directly below the Security hub was a corridor, which she believed connected Section to the Corps, and the garage. She walked past the computers and the communal space to an elevator, which took her up to the Security hub.

She walked into a room, her first thought was the amount of monitors compared to how many people were in the room. She must of counted 5 monitors to every individual. There was a guard at the door, who simply waved her off, indicating that he already knew who she was and was expecting her. Approaching her came a smartly dressed individual, wearing a similar uniform to the guard at the entrance. His hat was well ironed, indicating it did not receive much practical use.
"I believe you must be my new recruit, join my Hydra Security Unit." he said to her. "I am Delta, head of Security."
"I am sir, I am Private Lisa Davidson." She continued to observe her new commander, silently judging him. "I was told to come to Section to receive a briefing regarding my assignment."
"Well, let us outfit you with our outfits uniform and then we shall discuss the package given to the Techs." Lisa was annoyed at the fact she would have to continue to wait to find out what was inside the crate, however schedules and traditions must be upheld obviously. She began to walk with another commanding , through another large hallway. She thought she would do this many times other the next months. Walking, and talking. Maybe some shooting. She continued to walk.

The Drive Storyline

Casually, Captain Arctic approached Doctor Camille and Doctor Gregory. He seemed to know what to expect from Doctor Camille, refraining from using her nickname. Freddie obviously did not get the message, as he suddenly appeared in front of both of them.
"So, I bet you two are wondering what is for Christmas. A present from home, M'lady, perhaps?" he cheekily smirked.
"Watch it, AI, or you will be struggling to speak when I am done with you." She said with malicious intent. Greg chuckled, expressing a moderate frustration with his work alongside the Doctor in the process.
"Freddie, shut it." Arctic spoke, with cold embrace similar to the climate of Winter.
"Aye Captain." Freddie simply replied.
"So, Camille, I thought it best to inform you and Greg here on the package that is in the Locker."
"That would be beneficial," she said.
"Well, as with the Bio materials you requested from the UEG, we also have been given Covenant Scarab power cores which are highly explosive."
"Then why is it in my lab, if it is going to blow up?" she imposed. Freddie jumped in.
"Well, Doctor, I never liked this lab anyway. It looks ugly and it is.." he was suddenly cut off.
"That AI, why do you keep him?"
"I like to see you two argue against each other."

Suddenly, in walked two individuals. It was Delta and Lisa, dressed in matching black security uniform, being a direct counter the white uniforms of the Techs and Captain Arctic.
"Agh, perfect timing," announced Captain Arctic. "I was hoping to brief you both on this as well." Greg looked at the two individuals, he recognised Delta, having to deal with him at certain checkpoints over Extinction Command. The women, he did not know.
"So, Doctor Camille and Doctor Gregory, meet your new security detail, Private Davids." Both Doctors nodded to her, whilst she stayed stoic. "So we do not have any unnecessary explosions." said Arctic, with hints of sniggering from Freddie over the com, "She will be responsible for the Security of this lab and the locker."
"Do we still have access to the locker, Captain?" asked Gregory.
"Of course, however you need Private Davids to open it with you." He replied. Greg groaned slightly, noticing it was loud enough for people to hear. "Also, how is the research?"
"Good, we have identified noticeable factors in the plant life."
"Good to hear. I will look forward to reading the report on it. I will leave you to it then, Carry on, Section." He directed to Lisa and Delta.

Delta left the room with Arctic, leaving Lisa, Camille and Greg inside the lab. Lisa quickly turned to the door, walking over to the left and standing guard over it. Greg could not help but stare, this strange individual had now become apart of his environment, for better or worse. He looked over to Camille, who simply walked away looking at her data pad. Greg felt like something was not right. Covenant items, although explosive, was not out of the ordinary in Project Extinction. He had only the other day dissected frozen Hunter worms from the War. He felt that it was something much more secretive, something that only Camille would know what was inside. He observed his new guard, who had a stoic face on her. He spoke towards her.
"I wish to open the locker, to access the crates of bio material inside."
Without saying a word, Lisa approached the locker, swiping her own card on the lock. Greg then swiped his card. When the locker opened, he walked over to the pallets which held the crates of biomaterial on, and the mysterious box. He took the goods he needed, then closed the locker. Both physically, and metaphorically.
Protagonist or Sidekick: Sidekick
Name: Jastin Martin
Nickname: "Jay"
Class: Core
Specialization: Structural Engineer
Rank: Specialist
Faction: Project Extinction
Armor: Standard
Armor Enhancements: None
Body Enhancements: None
Gear: Various equipment used in surveying and architectural studies.
Biography: Jastin was born on his families farm on the planet of Eridanus II. He was 6 when his home world was catastrophically glassed in 2530. What was left of his family sought refuge in one of the Jovian habitats in the Sol system. The intricate design of these stations inspired Jastin to study engineering. He joined the UNSC Army shorty after where he helped rebuild some of Earth's shattered communities until he found out about Project Extinction and requested to com come aboard.
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BLUE101 5 - How do I get involved with this?
Create a character, then you are in.