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psycho analysis of your spartan


(all topics in this are non-cannon)

Spartan Scott 1115
Coice of armor: red and black soldier variant. his helmet has the tags of his fallen comrades engraved on it.
1115 has constantly been getting more and more violent t-words his comrades since his last deployment. The aggression is followed by insubordination and a complete disregard for orders he doesn't see fit. 1115 has stabbed multiple soldiers when they confronted him about his helmet being out of regs.

1115 is not fit to be deployed in populated areas dew to his shoot first ask questions later mindset. he is not recommended to be deployed with the ODSTs because of the distrust and lack of respect between them.

1115 has consistently shown his worth in battle however. He uses a chain-gun and a Spankr rocket launcher.

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My spartan is wears the Raider helmet so I acted like a cat as a joke at first, now I can't play other games without crouching on top of a wardrobe and waiting for friends to fin me because the cat side is too strong.