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Spartan Musicians

OP ItsByko

Dear Spartan Musicians,
With the Halo games coming to PC, I can only expect the amount and quality of Halo based content (montages, skits, etc) to rise. Every good video needs a good soundtrack! I wanted to make a post to bring together all of the fellow players who also create music! A little collaboration and showcase of your songs on montages or videos that already existed. Let's see what you guys have done and what you're working on for future Halo work. :)
I made a Halo 4 montage a few months ago. Well, more like a cinematic video clip than a montage but I'm proud of it (
I Made this XD


Yes, I have too much free time.
I had an idea of forming a band where all of us wore custom Halo armour and played metal covers of Halo songs ... But I can't find people, also the quality suits are hella expensive.