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Submit Your Infection Maps for Matchmaking!

OP WAR4788

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  • Map Name: Echo 419
  • Author(s): Sikamikanico
  • Gametype: Any Infection gametype will do, but I think it's best played with no radar for human players and an always on target location for Zombies.
  • Map Description: Foehammers fate was much worse than previously thought...
  • Screenshot:
  • (Optional) Video:
So with the new weather and nature options with the last update, I wanted to create a jungle/swamp playspace. When the Cartographers announced the Infection Playlist was imminent, I figured I may as well make something for it.

The map is relatively small, but to give the impression of being "lost" in a confusing misty swamp, there are 4 junctions that look like they might be a way out, but merely teleport you elsewhere in the map. (the teleporters are set to random within timed kill zones to prevent camping.)

The Lore behind the map is that Foehammer did indeed go down with her faithful Pelican, but survived...although not for long. The Flood took her, but you may find some weapons you could use to stop them from consuming your biomass along with her.

EDIT: Framerate issues were pretty poor when playtesting, so I've taken steps to reduce performance issues. The current version has been updated.

Reduced trees/foliage to improve framerate.
Edited fog/rain effects to improve framerate.
Added additonal teleporter area to prevent camping SPNKR spawn.
  • Map Name: Death's Rendezvous
  • Author(s): BlueSpartan119
  • Gametype: Hivemind
  • Map Description: For this PMC, it's just another day in a war without end.
  • Screenshot:
  • Map Name: Corridor V1.3 BETA
  • Author(s): Sushi Shikigami
  • Gametype: (“Infection”, “Hivemind”, or create one of your own): Infection
  • Map Description: (at most 1-2 sentences): Corridor is a Halo 5 infection map which takes place in a Sci-Fi apartment district. This map is exclusively for infection and is not set up for slayer, strongholds, assault, CTF, or any other gamemode besides Infection.
Mapname: Wild West
Author: ImDahUnicorn
Gametype: Wild West Infection
Description: This trainingground was created with inspiration from the wild west
  • Map Name:Overflow 0.1
  • Author(s):xVolcanic Decay
  • Gametype: (Hivemind
  • Map Description:Deep under the streets of New Mombasa Holds the overflow of all channels of water leading them out of the city
  • (Optional) Video:
Map Name: The Hidden
Map Creator: MinerBrineXbox
Gametype: Infection
Description: This facility has been put under lockdown to enclose the contagious.
Map Name:
INFINUT & Flammingrunt

Game Type:
Map Description:
Halo Reach campaign mission remake "Lone wolf". Spartans never die... A circular terrain play space glassed by the covenant!
  • Map Name: The Eight Pages
  • Author: ArturBloodshot
  • Gametype: Infection (& Slenderman mini-game)
  • Map Description: A frightening dark forest in nowhere that will reveal your real instability. A tribute to the classic game Slenderman. Up to 16 players.
  • Screenshots:

  • Video:

  • Official Thread:
Map Name: Unsinkable
creator: JA50N 0
Gametype: (“Infection”)
Map Description: Still on her maiden voyage...the infection of mans arrogance still echoes through time
Screenshot: pic 1pic 2pic 3pic 4
Video: fly through
xbox picture link
Map name: Out reach
Gamertag: alpha chief 14
Gametype: infection
Description: A abandoned outpost that has been left to rot and has overgrown moss
Dvr link:
Map Name: MadHouse
creator: Darth Quackers
Gametype: Infection
Map Description: On their way to an abandoned asylum after being lost, they find themselves seeing undead like creatures approach them. Will they survive?


In my opinion including others, the map is liked over Atrocity because it is simpler to new players, fun for everyone, and runs smooth.
can't wait for infection
  • Map Name: Cabin Concept
  • Author(s): Tenstonio
  • Gametype: Infection
  • Map Description: A wood log cabin in a dark woods may be the survivors only chance of shelter.
  • Screenshot: (XboxDVR link):
  • Imgur Album:
Thanks for the consideration,
slash r slash forge
Map Name:

Almighty Nubs


Map Description:
This is a large maze-like arena based of the irl game laser tag. It is dark but mostly lit up by multi-coloured lighting of different shapes and sizes.


I would like to pull my submission. The mall theme has been something I've wanted to create for an infection map for a long time now, but I am simply not happy with the current rendition. I would go as far as to say that this map is a passion process for me so naturally I would like to love the map I create. I do not love Black Friday. In fact I kinda hate both versions of it. Thank you for the consideration, and I will have a map ready for next monday, but as for Black Friday- consider it nonexistent.
  • Map Name: Old Mombasa (There's a chance it might be "Alleys" in my bookmarks, I was having trouble getting the name to stay updated.)
  • Author(s): dethsoup
  • Gametype: Hivemind, or something that allows players to scavenge weapons/ammo. I'd recommend making zombies pretty quick to kill (reduced shields maybe) considering how close-quarters the map is.
  • Map Description: "Narrow streets and narrow escapes." A pretty tight-quarters map set in a quarantined area of Old Mombasa. Based on this concept art:
  • Screenshots:
  • Video: (The video is of a slightly older version, but most everything is there)
  • Map Name: Freeman Bay
  • Author(s): REMkings
  • Gametype: Hivemind
  • Map Description: 'The ever so peaceful port now houses a horrible rebellion.' (An asymmetric seaport village that supports 12 players.)
  • Screenshot:
  • (Optional) Video:
New post on page 4 with updated version.
    • Map Name: Coastal 1.0
    • Creator: l someone I ( spelled L someone i)
    • Gametype: Infection (Edit: humans are red, zombies are blue. I didnt know how infection spawns would work so I went standard attacker/defender) (another edit: typos)
    • Description: This is an asymmetrical map designed based on the first mission of Reach, to pay homage to the update. It is a relatively open, single layered map, with no bottle-necked camping spots or rooms with one entrance. I've done my best to make sure everywhere has at least 2 points to attack or defend.
    • Screenshot: EDIT: I woke up first thing this morning to take fresh screenshots, since the one I had previously was outdated:
    • Video (this is not the final version, but XboxDVR takes some time to update more recent videos):
    • Gif of the Video (also outdated):
    -Map name: Speed Halo
    -Author: nicklaus343
    -Gametype: Speed Halo (survivors spawn with swords only and infected spawn with swords and gravity hammers)
    -Description: A remake of a Halo Reach forge map where survivors drive down a steep ramp and teleport back to the top once they reach the bottom. The infected use gravity hammers to try to flip and explode the survivor's speeding vehicles.
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