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Submit Your Infection Maps for Matchmaking!

OP WAR4788

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  • Map Name: Terra Therma
  • Author(s): HeWhoDrinksCola
  • Gametype: “Infection”, I also made one that I think fits better with the map theme, "Draugr"
  • Map Description: Surviving the crash was the easy part. The hard part isn't surviving the cold.
  • Screenshot:
Zombies are green, Humans are cyan. Human initial spawns are clustered around a single point while the zombie initial spawns are scattered about the buildings around the map, though there are a few in slightly more open spaces. The map accounts for weapon scavenging and the weapons' ammo accounts for no-shield gameplay. There are a couple of scout-type vehicles as well.
Map Name: Traxus 09
Author(s): Bmandude10, Drumstepped, Vorked Manback
Gametype: Infection/Hivemind; we played using "Infection HR Shotties", "Infection HR Magnums", and "Hivemind HR" located in my bookmarks
Map Description: Traxus Factory Complex 09 was a critical staging point in the discovery of the the portal to the Ark, but was destroyed when the Flood crash landed in Voi and was glassed to prevent the spread of the infection.

(Note: Drumstepped posted this here sometime when the map was still in development(also accidentally placing some errors in his reply). This is the official, finished version of the map with the correct info regarding the map.)
. Map Name: House
.Author: BroodQuotient4
.Gametypes: Infection/Hivemind
.Description: Rush to survive in this heart-pounding, close-quarters house map! Danger is around every tight corner in this 4 floor, fully furnished, death-trap.
.XboxDVR video link:
Map Name: Ancient Temple
Author(s): Spyingvince , STRL0RD
Gametypes: Infection AT
Map Description: Adventurers have crashed landed on a ancient temple and have stumbled upon the undead that guard the temple.
  • Map Name: Station Zulu
  • Author: Home World Hero
  • Gametype: Hivemind
  • Map Description: "A radio signal isn't much good if only the dead can hear it." Station Zulu is a remote communications outpost on the edge of human space, which made it especially vulnerable to disaster. While soldiers joke that a job at Zulu is like paid vacation, all that isolation won't help you when you're calling out for help.
  • Screenshot:
  • Video:
Map Name: Kizingo Boulevard
Author: ilsilentii
Gametype: Infection
Map Description: An infection map based on the streets of New Mombasa after dark during the covenant attack on Earth.

Note: The Screenshots of the map are the first 12 images
Map Name: Haunted Estate
Author: Scootiee
Gametype: Infection
Map Description: Haunted house themed map with hidden passages throughout
Map Name: Backwoods
Author: Auxi Klutch
Gametype: Hivemind
Description: Lost high up in the mountains. You find yourself in a small village where the rain is never ending..
Images: Klutch&scid=1370999b-fca2-4c53-8ec5-73493bcb67e5 Klutch&scid=1370999b-fca2-4c53-8ec5-73493bcb67e5 Klutch&scid=1370999b-fca2-4c53-8ec5-73493bcb67e5
Video: Coming Soon
Map Name: Lunar
Author: Detendez
Gametype: Hivemind
Description: Fight against the infected in a space station under construction on the Moon.
Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Video: Link
Who's ready
  • Map Name: Power Instalation 484
  • Author(s): I Crush All
  • Gametype: Hivemind or Infection. (Hivemind is the reccomended gametype)
  • Map Description: After countles hours of power production, this facility suddenly stopped for an unknow reason.
  • Screenshots:
  • (Optional) Video: (Walkthrough)
Map Name: Vinny's Revenge
Author: ReCardonJ
Gametype: Infection
Map Description: Hospital in the outskirts of town gets overrun. Bridges,Jumps and Skill
Map Name: Hypothermia LS
Author: HAL0 M4N
Gametype: Last Stand
Map Description: A ski resort turned deadly thanks to the undead.
Screenshot: Overview
Map Name. "SandBar"
Author. Preacher x21x
Game Type. Hivemind
Map Description. You find yourself on a lonesome island were the bunker is seen as a haven, how ever the previous inhabitants say otherwise.
  • Map Name: Icedent
  • Author: b0b is here.
Gametype: Infection, Honour the Infection: 10-16 players RvB.
  • Description: An abandoned meteor struck area has been taken over by infected. Spartans come across something mysterious near this once studied meteor site. Upon impact, the icy substance spawned flora and life in a desolate area. Something else came along with it.
  • Main Preview Screenshot -
  • Additional Screenshots + Map Intro -
Weapon Placement
AR - 7 - Default 4 clips, 15s respawn.
Saw - 2 - 1 extra clip.
Railgun - 1 - 1 extra shell.
Shotgun - 2 - No extra shells.
DMR - 1 - No extra clip.
Rocket - 1 - No extra pods.
SPNKR - 1 - No extra pods.
CE Mag - 1 - 1 extra clip.

Map Technical Information:
16 Red Spawns / 6 Red Respawns
16 Blue Spawns / 43 Blue Respawns
860 Objects / 6% FX
0 Groups & Welds / 97% LightMap
71 Scripts (Blockers) / 35% Collision
78% Physics

Easter Egg(s) - 1 - One very obvious
Map preview / Map update to reflect quality testing.
Map name:Blizzard


Infection spawns:green

Survivor spawns:blue

Description:The UNSC found a suitable spot for a base.But the flood had been released...

Map Design:One base with a lot of boxes where survivors spawn.There is two Shade turrents with one Gauss turrent on top of the base.There is Gravity Lift that takes you to the top of the building.There is wall that protects the base.The infected spawn behind the wall.There is one giant entrance but their are boxes outside of the wall that the infected can jump on.

I hope everyone forge maps go into matchmaking too!
If I made another map, could I make another submission?
  • Map Name: Little China Town
  • Author(s): xXBarthXx
  • Gametype: (“Infection”, “Hivemind”, or create one of your own): Infection, Hivemind, Brains
  • Map Description: (at most 1-2 sentences): "Chinese New Year is over. The year of the undead has begun..."
  • Screenshot: (XboxDVR link): Screenshot
  • (Optional) Video: (XboxDVR or YouTube link): YouTube Video
Map Name: Scorch
Author: Doc1777
Gametypes: Infection & Hivemind
Map Description: Nothing screams fun like being trapped in a scorching steel smeltery with the undead.
Video[Xbox DVR]:

Filebrowser Link:
Infection is a social game mode and to be honest should not be in matchmaking as it is made for friends to have fun, not strangers
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