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Submit Your Infection Maps for Matchmaking!

OP WAR4788

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•Autor: RAKL0S
•Gamertipe: Slender infeccion
•Description: Slender forest is the original slender map making for halo 5 infecction
•Map Name: RAKL0S-Museum
•Autor: RAKL0S
•Gamertipe: infeccion
•Description: Is a museum...
  • Map Name: Festering Gulch 2
  • Author(s): SammichEaterPro
  • Gametype: Infection or Hivemind (edited to play Honour rules 1-hit currently, adjustments can be made during the week for Hivemind). Now includes even more festering than before!
  • Map Description: 10-12 player Asymmetric jungle with many vertical layers, featuring a large cave & two Forerunner holdouts.
  • Screenshots:
  • (Optional) Video: N/A (currently)
  • NOTE: This is version 2***** Ignore the first version
Infection is a social game mode and to be honest should not be in matchmaking as it is made for friends to have fun, not strangers
Everyone is entitled to have an opinion, but I feel it is my duty to let you know yours is wrong.
I made another map, so here is a second submission soooo yeah. This map has thick fallout from a dead star, so there is very thick smoke and embers.
  • Map Name: Fallen Star
  • Author(s): TickldByKitt3nz
  • Gametype: Plague (Infected: Green Team, Survivors: Cyan Team)
  • Map Description: After PEGASUS was mapped for War Games, the planets star went supernova. UNSC drones returned to re-catalog the irradiated facility.
  • Screenshots -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • #1
With Fallout: link
Without Fallout: link
  • #2
With Fallout: link
Without Fallout: link
  • #3
With Fallout: link
Without Fallout: link
  • (Optional) Video----------------------------------------------------------------------
  • #1
With Fallout: link
Without Fallout: link

Go check out my other submission, "Mountain Range", and see if you like them! Thanks!!
Map name: the woods

author: GHA55HOPP3R
Discription: the dark woods carry a curse once you step in you will never come back out

P.s I don't know how to put a link to the picture
*update status*
name of map: the woods
author: GHA55HOPP3R
Gametype: infection(10 players)
discription: the woods has a dark secret, you' will go in and will never come back out.
  • Map Name: Icedent
  • Author: b0b is here.
Gametype: Infection, Honour the Infection: 10-16 players RvB.
  • Description: An abandoned meteor struck area has been taken over by infected. Spartans come across something mysterious near this once studied meteor site. Upon impact, the icy substance spawned flora and life in a desolate area. Something else came along with it.
  • Main Preview Screenshot -
  • Additional Screenshots + Map Intro -
Weapon Placement
AR - 7 - Default 4 clips, 15s respawn.
Saw - 2 - 1 extra clip.
Railgun - 1 - 1 extra shell.
Shotgun - 2 - No extra shells.
DMR - 1 - No extra clip.
Rocket - 1 - No extra pods.
SPNKR - 1 - No extra pods.
CE Mag - 1 - 1 extra clip.

Map Technical Information:
16 Red Spawns / 6 Red Respawns
16 Blue Spawns / 43 Blue Respawns
860 Objects / 6% FX
0 Groups & Welds / 97% LightMap
71 Scripts (Blockers) / 35% Collision
78% Physics

Easter Egg(s) - 1 - One very obvious

Map preview / Map update to reflect quality testing.
I have made both a Map Preview and a Map update after additional quality testing. A structrual adjustment required the need for the Map Preview update. Weapon Placement is the same. The Map Technical Information has changed slightly.

Description change, since I accidentally made it too long. 'Something mysterious is near an abandoned meteor site study. It's impact left an icy substance that spawned flora and life.'
Map Name: Phantasm
Author: Sikamikanico
Gametype: Infection or Hivemind
Map Description: 10-12 player Asymmetric temple with good verticality, sneaky routes and powerful lines of sight.
Map: Lockdown
Author(s): alpha chief 14
Short description: It is a lockout reimagine from halo 2, overgrown with frost and the layout changed a tiny bit for infecion needs and halo 5 mechanics.
Xbox dvr screenshot: pic 1pic 2pic 3pic 4pic 5
Mode: infection
Map name: Contaminate
Author(s): HUSKYLAPPER16 and Plank0017
Gametype: (infection and hivemind)
Map description: "Thou in faith, will keep us safe, whilst we walk the path."
I can't wait to see what maps are included. All of these maps submitted are incredible.
  • Map Name: Quarantine
  • Author: ArturBloodshot
  • Gametype: Infection & Hivemind
  • Map Description: The epidemic born in this forsaken sanatorium scarred its occupants... as well as their dead. Up to 12 players.
  • Screenshots:

  • Video:
(Coming soon)

  • Waypoint File Browser

  • Official Thread at ForgeHub:
Map Name: Hypothermia HM
Author: HAL0 M4N
Gametype: Hivemind
Map Description: A ski resort turned deadly thanks to the undead.
Screenshot: Overview

Yes, I've posted this map earlier. However, it was the Last Stand variant. After being told by the community cartographers that they are only looking for free-roam maps, I looked at my map and figured that it could actually work as a Hivemind map if I do some Forgery. So I reworked some of the map, and it's now setup for free-roam style Infection gametypes.
Map Name: Day One
  • Author(s): Uncommon future
  • Gametype: Infection
  • Map Description: An urban environment. Downed Pelican, wrecked vehicles. Looks quickly overrun.
  • Screenshot:
  • Video:
Map name: Reverence
Authors: xNFx Monsta & RBG Persian
Gametype: Classic Infection and Hivemind infection
Map description: Reverence is a map inspired by halo 3s campaign events. To be more specific the missions involving the covenant cruiser crash landing onto earth and releasing all the flood. RBG Persian and I wanted to pull off a realistic flood infested covenant map Aesthetic Utilising all nature blocks in a way never done before. While the map has no resemblance to any scene in halo 3 the concepts remained the same. We hope the ambience and general Atmosphere of the map is up to par with the Aesthetic side of things. Its worth the download and play through. We hope you all enjoy :)
  • Screenshot/s:
    - Additional changes to the map may happen, things like weapon tuning and possible play space fine tuning may occur.

    Edit- Forgehub link for More images and additional information on the map
    http://www.forgehub .com /maps/reverence.2343/
And are the community Cartographers keeping an eye on this thread?
Absolutely, and I must say, I can't wait to test out all of these submissions soon! I'll be hosting an infection lobby this weekend;)
Mining shift
Autor(s) Aslac (Mlgburger420 & Lepobardi)
Gamemode: Infection
Map description: Spartans had to do forced landing to andoned mine, where everything seems to be normal, but things are not like they think they are.
  • Map Name: Infected Forest
  • Author(s): thrillerkillers
  • Gametype: Infection: players have shotgun and h2-br, no motion tracker: Infected move quickly, jump high, and have full motion trackers.
  • Map Description: A lightning storm has caused a pelican with a top-secret bio-sample on board to crash into a dark and gloomy forest. Although this forest is beautiful, rather than sight-see, it would be advised to hide from your fellow soldiers who have had a slight change in mood.
  • Screenshots:
  • Video:
  • File Name: 'Heavy Metal' Updates
  • Author(s): CommanderColson
  • Gametype: Hivemind
  • Map Description: This desolate factory was that was once used for creation is now subjected only to destruction.
  • Screenshot:
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