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      • Map Name: Tropical cave
      • Author(s): TF Blackheart
      • Game Mode: Slayer, (Team double)
      • Map Description: Tropical cave is a natural environment with a cave and waterfall.
      • Video:
      • Waypoint File Browser link:
Map Name: House Of The Dead
Author(s): DerBarlow
Game Mode: Infection
Map Description: After surviving a crash your team of survivors must fight of the living dead. The green fog makes it hard to see so be careful.
  • Map Name: Chudea RTM
  • Author(s): Shadowsheriff68 (help from My Lego Router)
  • Game Mode: Slayer, team doubles, FFA (up to 6 preferred), multi team (4 teams of 2 green, blue, yellow, red)
  • Map Description: Small-team four-way symmetric map with a castle theme. Plays excellently with up to 6 person FFA or even 3 on 3. power weapon is shotgun, powerup is damage boost set for >100. Not ideal for 4v4 but can support it.
  • Screenshot: Xbox image
  • Screenshot: Entry cam (Xbox image)
  • Video: XboxDVR
Map Name: Escher
Author(s): Neo337
Game Mode: Strongholds, Slayer, FFA, Oddball
Map Description: Set in the ruins of a Sangheili temple, Escher is a maze of intertwined stairways and platforms reminiscent of the work by M.C. Escher.
Waypoint File Browser Link:
Video: will update soon
Map Name: Dark Matter
Author: t0astman
Game Mode: Slayer, Strongholds, CTF, FFA, Oddball

Map Description: Deep within AREA 42, quantum tunneling is being tested on the once-theoretical material. 4-8 Players

Waypoint file:

Map: Whiterun
Author: CaptainDireWolf
Gametypes: Slayer, Strongholds, CTF
Map Description: Whiterun is an asymmetrical arena map, inspired by Skyrim aesthetics. The layout is easy to grasp, landmarks are easy for call-outs, the design is unique, and gameplay is fast-paced. Ideal player count seems to be 4v4.
  • Map Name: Election
  • Author(s): Shadowsheriff68
  • Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds
  • Map Description: Medium sized team slayer map for 4v4 and 5v5 slayer, CTF, or Strongholds. Map features a sniper rifle and SPNKR Rocket launcher, along with 2 oni wasps at bases and a hannibal wasp in "cinema platform". With an elegant design and somewhat linear fight for the flag, this E style map is a memorable battleground.
  • Screenshot: Xboxdvr
  • Waypoint File Browser link
  • Video: xbox dvr
Map Name: Temperament.
Authors(s): Average913
Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, CTF (One Flag), Assault, Strongholds.
Map Description: A large map, nearly entirely symmetrical and primarily designed for team game modes, optimally 4v4 or higher. The map features a highly reflective design, with shellac floors and curved glass panels constructing the walls and ceiling.
Screenshot: XboxDVR:
Waypoint File Browser Link:
Video: XboxDVR:
Map: Gypsum

Author: OverlordRaven91

Players:4v4 (8)

Supported gametypes: Team Slayer, FFA, Strongholds, Oddball

Description: Asymmetrical core map set in a vast crystal cave with longish sight lines and balanced weapon set. All cover is natural and organic and gives a very emmersive experience. Use sneaky clambers ledges to out flank and ground pound. Strong power positions at tower 2, tower 1, and red spawn.

Waypoint link:

Screen shot link:
  • Map Name: Acrophobia
  • Author(s): Luke Aran 038
  • Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, Assault
  • Map Description: Platform-based map set above the landscape of Alpine. Narrow bridges and catwalks connect platforms of various sizes on each level, with power weapon spawns in the middle, while gravity lifts and drops combined with well-timed clambers give experienced players additional ways to traverse the map. Don't look down.
  • Screenshots/ForgeHub link:

  • Waypoint File Browser link:
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I would like to be in community spotlight for my creations and I played with 343 team on valentines day.
Map 1 is Halo reach classic map of beachhead and new name battlefront
game modes- FFA, Team Slayer
has all requirements for slayer.
short distance fight screenshots of beachhead
My profile has videos of my plays of the week and screenshot creations, so please check them out.

It's in my file if you like to try it out
-Map Name: Aislamiento Maritimo
-Author(s): GhostRider0239
-Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, Assault
-Map Description: The Spartans are tested in the worst places in the worst weathers and in the worst situations
  • Map Name:Coven
  • Author(s):EE Winter
  • Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, Assault
  • Map Description: Originally I was very much so inspired by the Map Warlock, In the respect of a 4 base design. Even as spartans look toward future victories, they must also look toward the past, for those who ignore past failings will be destined to repeat them in the future.
  • Screenshot:
  • Waypoint File Browser link:
EDIT: This map was featured on Snip3down's Twitch Channel. We map tested it but it has since undergone some changes to spawning. we figured out that it was really only fun on slayer as it was a really small map. there are CTF and Assault Objectives spawnable on the map but there is no inherent spawning associated with those game modes specifically. he said "I really like this map there should be more Close Quarters maps in HCS" Just thought that was relevant.
Map Name: Turbulence
Author: Warhead2220
Game Mode: Slayer
Map Description: While its purpose is still unknown, this Forerunner structure is the first of its kind to be discovered by the UNSC.
Waypoint File Browser Link:
Lone Isle is a symmetrical map set in forerunner ruins.
The map's power weapons and power ups include:
  • 1 Halo 2 beam rifle (alpha)
  • 1 Gravity hammer (corpse maker)
  • 1 Energy sword (vorpal talon)
  • 1 damage boost
  • 1 over shield
  • Note ( The vorpal talon and both power ups require script activation in map's scenery to discover.)
The map's tier 3 and below weapons include:
  • 2 Suppressors
  • 2 Storm rifles
  • 2 Smgs (long barrel)
  • 2 Plasma pistols
  • 1 Battle rifle (H2)
  • 1 Carbine
  • 1 Light rifle
  • 1 Needler
Recommend gamemodes: Slayer and Strongholds.
  • Map Name: Amplified
  • Author: Sketchy Dev
  • Game Mode: Slayer, Breakout, Free-for-all
  • Map Description: This is a remake of Halo 3's MLG map
  • Screenshot:
Thank you for your consideration.
  • Map Name: Ridge.
  • Author(s): TrainedEye3461
  • Game Mode: Slayer, CTF multi-flag (No spawn zones yet), Strongholds.
  • Map Description: Where warrior-servants trained against the flood, Spartans now do so against the Created's reclamation. Small map, 4v4 (RvB), all forerunner weapons and weapon pads change depending on mode (Binary for Slayer, incineration canon for CTF and strongholds.) Contains a phased phaeton that acts as a teleporter.
  • Screenshot: XLive storage ran out, I'll update this when I can though.
  • Waypoint link.
  • (Optional) Video: None yet.
  • Weapons: Binary rifle (Slayer), incineration canon (CTF, Strongholds), 4 lightrifles, 2 boltshots, 4 grenades, 1 scattershot, 1 sentinel Beam.
  • Powerups: 1 overshield (Slayer only).
  • Map Name: Faded
  • Author(s): BenjyX55
  • Game Mode: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, Assault, FFA
  • Map Description: Faded is built on the tidal canvas. It is an open-air structure, having many narrow walkways and round platforms. It has a dreary atmosphere and features primarily covenant weapons. Oh, and did I mention the elevators?
  • Screenshots:
  • Waypoint File Browser link:
  • Video:
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