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The Forge Remakes Thread | Halo 5

OP JDHarbs

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Thanks! Just bookmarked it!
Completely rebuilt my remake of Danger Canyon on Parallax with the new Tidal terrain pallet. Full changelog can be found here:
A few requests from Halo 4 forge (if these haven't been remade already....):
Onyx by Hahkarazy
Station 9 by Big Papa Salot
Dispatch by Big Papa Salot
Mutant by Darkling Ninja (a fun, casual map, was not in matchmaking but is still enjoyable)
I guess I'll add this map to the forum:

I remade the ONI Alpha Site Bridge from Halo 3: ODST.

Map Link

Game Mode Link

YouTube Video
Some great work, are all these on Forgehub or strictly here?
I'm working on a remake of constellation from halo 4, as well as prisoner from halo ce, hope I can finish them soon.
Im looking for good remakes of:

- Zealot
- Enclosed
- Kingdom
- Synapse
- Boarding action
- High ground
- Foundry

Does anybody know how to get the best setups to mimic Halo 3 en Reach?
By the way:

Ive played some remakes in Halo 5 and Im very impressed with the quality of the remakes and the results of the newest forge mode. Keep up the amazing work, because these maps make me enjoy Halo 5 more than most of the generic looking mp maps currently in team arena.
I have finished Cold Storage from Halo 3.

Map Link:''

Forgehub post:

If someone could make those links, I would appreciate it.
Lockout remake ive been working on for a while.


I think this thread could use an update. The H3 playlist included some new remakes that I don't know if they were already included in this thread.
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